Friday, March 6, 2009

Mar 6 2009

Moon at home in Cancer was square Venus at 5:06 am PST, not a particularly hard square, but Venus is going retrograde today through Apr 16th, so you might want to hold off on that propsosal a bit, which may feel counterintuitive as Moon will be trine Sun exact at 6:15 am PST and sextile Vesta exact at 7:31 am PST. This trio trine/sextile of Moon/Sun/Vesta today points to feelings and expressions of harmony surrounding home, heart, and hearth.
Moon is harmoniously emphasizing the Saturn/Uranus opposition which is a bit loose as Saturn retrogrades, but is being lit up by the Sun approaching opposite Saturn exact on Mar 8th and conjunct Uranus exact on Mar 12th. Moon will be sextile Saturn exact at 10:16 am PST and trine Uranus exact at 4:29 pm PST when she goes Moon Void of Course till the crack of Dawn tomorrow. The intellect or stubborn ego may be having a bit of trouble with making needed changes, but the feelings associated with that could be harmonious today. As usual with Moon VOC, will be a good evening to chill, catch an arthouse movie.

The birthcard today, the card is the 4 of Spades, a Jupiter expression of a Venus core with a 10 of clubs inside and a 4 of hearts outside. Rod Stewart, Jim Croce, Robinson Jeffers, Rob Reiner, Ed MacMahon, David Gilmour, Ivan Boesky, Bianca Jagger and Nick Nolte, among others share this Birthcard.