Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apr 14 2009

Mercury has moved away from trine Pluto while Juno is sextile Pluto; and the Mars/Venus/Uranus conjunct is tightening up. Feel the, er, electricity in the air and elsewhere? Jupiter is in the orb of joining the long lasting Chiron/Neptune conjunct. Sun is sextile the Neptune/Chiron conjunct, so there is likely a nudge of spiritual idealism, sensitivity to and compassion for others through the end of the week. Today will be a Moon kaleidoscope day, all bets are off. Moon finishing up in Sagittarius was sextile Jupiter exact at 5:21 am PDT, will be square Mars exact at 10:11 am PDT, square Uranus exact at 11:12 am PDT, Sextile Chiron exact at 12:43 pm PDT, sextile Neptune exact at 2:19 pm PDT, and square Venus exact at 9:07 pm PDT when she goes for a brief Moon Void of Course. At 10:27 pm PDT, Moon enters Capricorn. Again, this is one of those days where Moon is sweeping across more heavenly bodies than Mikhail Baryshnikov ever did, and the flavor really depends on what is being emphasized in your natal/birth chart, more so than usual. There are both perturbing and harmonizing aspects of the Moon sweep today.

The Birthcard of the day is the 7 of Diamonds, a double Venus with a "veiled" double Saturn inside and outside. 7D incarnations include George Carlin, Matt Dillon, Yoko Ono, Pat Nixon, Henny Youngman, Julie Christie, Paul Begala, F. Lee Bailey, James Madison, and George Burns.