Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 2 2009 Full Moon

Moon in Taurus will be lighting up the Mercury/Mars square before going full; square Mars exact at 6:41 am PST, opposite Mercury exact at 8:05 am PST, and opposite The Sun exact at 11:14 am PST. Full Moon has a reputation for intensity of experiences, and this one will likely be no exception. Mars in a hard aspect with almost any other heavenly body correlates with trouble for the most part: edge, excess yang; when lit up by the Moon, more so. Enjoy the intensity of the Full Moon, and be good. Howl at the Moon, not at each other.

Imagine a world reaching the critical mass of awakened humanity:
It is worth repeating that one reason Astrology and other deterministic Archetypal Languages "work", or to put it another way, the experiences of psyche correlate with what is largely unseen, is because the critical mass of humanity is still unconscious, following the dynamics of the Cosmos (physically and non-physically) much as collections of unconscious (relatively speaking) particles follow the laws of mechanics or Physics, PV equals nRT. We get to wake up.

he Birthcard today is the 5 of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Neptune core, with a 9 of Diamonds inside and a 3 of Clubs outside. 5D incarnations include
Neil Bush, GHW Bush, Joseph Kennedy, Sam Cooke, Pancho Villa, John Calvin, Wilbur Wright, James Polk, Warren Harding, Grover Cleveland, Rutherford B. Hayes, Andy Warhol, Charlton Heston, Nikola Tesla, Bobby Darin, Daniel Boone, Patty Hearst, Ivana Trump, Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin, Burt Lancaster, Peter Graves, Dusty Springfield, Sidney Poitier, Dustin Hoffman, David Brinkley, Edgar Cayce, Henry Mancini, Herbie Mann, Marie Antoinette, and rumor has it, Saint Francis of Assisi.