Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30 2009

Moon in Libra will be part of a grand trine today, trine Mercury exact at 10:02 am PDT, and sweeping the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio ending at 2:59 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till 9:19 pm PDT. Then she enters Scorpio. Chance of a powerful, yet easygoing day today, and a chill evening. Any missing mojo should be back by the time you get horizontal. Time for an Arthouse movie tonight. The upside could be great insights into, articulation and communication of grand spiritual insights into childhood stuff, as it's called. As from yesterday: ideas, imagination, perspective but with greater ease. The downside is charming BS charading as a readymade solution. One needs to take the steps oneself, own it, so to speak. Never trust a Guru with a facelift.

Today's Birthcard is the powerful King of Hearts, a Mars expression of a Mercury core, with a Two of Clubs inside, and a Nine of Spades outside. This is the Birthcard of Joe Biden, Steven Spielberg, Betty Grable, Dick Smothers, Robert Byrd, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Timothy Leary, Lee de Forest, Annette Funicello, Bobby Kennedy, Lena Horne, Stuart Wilde, Franz Liszt, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Linda Eastman McCartney, and rumor has it, Martin Luther.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29 2009 Moon First Quarter

Moon in Libra was square the Sun pre-dawn, and does not aspect anything major till the middle of the night, when she will be square Lilith Moon. Sun is heading away from opposite Pluto, leaving Vesta opposite Pluto. Venus is still conjunct Mars, just past exact. Mercury is entering the orb of both trine the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio conjunction and square the Uranus/Juno conjunction. These hint at a lot of inspiration and stimulation of ideas, imagination, perspectives. There may be a curious (the verb), inquisitive feeling in the air today, watch for unstable emotions in the search to quench that curiosity.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Venus core, paired with the Two of Hearts. It is one of two pairs of Cards that trade places back and forth within each pair. Various incarnational expressions of this Card are Arthur Fiedler, Calvin Klein, Alfred Nobel, Jodie Foster, James Garfield, Sean Connery, Slim Pickens, Jack Welch, Indira Gandhi, Ray Charles, Dick Cavett, Meg Ryan, and rumor has it Augustus Caesar. Ironically, the character played by Jodie Foster in the Movie "Contact", Ellie Harroway, had this same Birthcard (a different Birthday, but the same Birthcard). The Archetypes have their ways, it seems.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28 2009

Moon finishes up in Virgo this morning, opposite Uranus exact at 8:26 am PDT, then opposite Juno exact at 12:40 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till 2:24 pm PDT. Then she enters Libra and will be square Pluto exact at 5:40 pm PDT. The one and only Moon will be trine/sextile the north/south node axis today. A slight chance of an unconventional morning, and it may well be a good day to face fears, whatever they are, insidious or blatant: light, dark, alone, crowds, could be a long list, could be a surprise, eureka kind of realization. Stuff, as we refer to it, may come bubbling up from inside, the unconscious. Good to talk, touch, connect, ruminate in a meaningful way with someone.

The Birthcard today is the Two of Clubs, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core, with an Ace of Spades inside and a King of Hearts outside. Aldous Huxley, Arthur C. Clarke, Mel Brooks, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Gilda Radner, Ashley Montagu, Tom Petty, Sandra Bullock, Carl Jung, Alan Sheppard, Bela Lugosi, Margaret Mead, Stanley Kubrick, Benny Goodman, Mick Jagger, and Segolene Royal all share this Birthcard.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27 2009

Moon in Virgo will be emphasizing both the Mercury/Saturn square and the Mars/Venus grand trine with Saturn and Lilith Moon today; conjunct Saturn exact at 2:33 pm PDT, square mercury exact at 7:33 pm PDT, trine Mars exact at 8:56 pm PDT, and trine Venus exact a bit after midnight PDT. Themes along the axis of faith versus uncertainty may show up today, challenges to one's relations in terms of missed and miscommunications; and yet, if we stay with it, there are likely understandings of both the bigger picture, abstract variety and of the practical feet on the ground variety.

The Birthcard today is the Three of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core, with a Five of Diamonds inside and a King of Diamonds outside. Recognizable names of incarnations expressing through this Birthcard include Freeman Dyson, J. Paul Getty, Auguste Lumiere, Helen Keller, Rock Hudson, Bob Hope, John Adams, Howard Dean, JFK, Martin Scorsese, Gustav Holst, H. G. Wells, Bill Murray, and rumor has it, Nero.

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26 2009

Moon starts out Void of Course for the third Monday morning of the week, sweeping (in Leo) opposite the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio in the wee hours before going Void till 10:47 am PDT when she enters Virgo. The usual caveat about dousing in coffee if feeeling a lack of mojo this morning, as it may kick in doubly so by lunch. Moon will be trine Pluto exact at 1:57 pm PDT, and sextile the Sun exact at 8:13 pm PDT. The mood is likely to be of a focused mental nature, seeking depth and answers. Mixed messages, ease from the Moon sextile Sun, but edge from Mercury square Saturn, and unearthing depth from Moon trine Pluto. Continued emphasis on boy/girl (and other permutations) stuff from the grand trine of Saturn, Mars/Venus, and Lilith Moon; which will get an extra kick from the Moon tomorrow.

There is a point worth making: eschew the piecemeal approach if possible. Remember, heavenly bodies that are aspecting, ie conjunct, sextile, trine, square, etc "make" and entirely new entity. Multiple ones multiply so. For instance, yesterday evening Moon was square the Mars/Venus conjunct, and there were some prognosticators who saw irritation from the Moon/Mars facet of that, missing that Mars alone is not the same as Mars/Venus. What did you feel? While there was a certain loss/lonliness, crankiness at miscommunication, associated with the Mercury/Satun square, there was also a pionancy of connection, an edge towards relating from Moon square the Mars/Venus conjunction; not so much an irritaion per se. Fractional analysis is ok in making steps towards understanding, but we experience the gestalt, all of the above. That's life. End of soapbox.

The Birthcard today is the Four of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core, with a Five of Clubs inside and a Six of Hearts outside. Examples of this Birthcard include Spike Jones, Claude Debussy, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pierre Trudeau, Amelia Earhart, Karl Gauss, Werner Von Braun, Sophia Loren, George C. Scott, Tori Amos, Ray Bradbury, Ian Flemming, John-David, Upton Sinclair, and rumor has it, Nostradamus.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25 2009

Moon in Leo will be sextile Mercury exact at 10:25 am PDT, then square Mars exact at 3:41 pm PDT and square Venus exact at 6:13 pm PDT. Good communications early that will likely fade later in the day. With Mercury sneaking up to square Saturn, and Moon square the Mars/Venus conjunct, things may be a bit rocky in the realms of the Heart. Be good to each other. There will also likely be an inquisitive, restless vibe in the ethers.

More headlines: if you want a one word wrap up of Mars conjunct Venus, Juno conjunct Uranus, and Mercury square Saturn; it's Argentina.

The Birthcard of the day is the Five of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Saturn core, with a Five of Hearts inside and a Four of Clubs outside. Rene Descartes, George Orwell, Beverly D'Angelo, Ziggy Marley, Christopher Dodd, Arthur Miller, Evel Knievel, Kenny Rogers, and Al Gore are incarnational examples of the 5C.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24 2009

Moon starts off the day with a case of the Mondays on Wednesday: trine Juno and Uranus four something in the morning, then Moon Void of Course till 9:50 am PDT when she enters Leo. Merowr. A reasonably harmonious start, but lacking mojo. Moon will be near the south end of the north/south node axis the early part of the day. As is with Moon VOC mornings, too much caffeine early on will likely have a delayed effect. Moon into Leo will get things going again. There may be a bit of a paradox in the air today, the way of the intuitive and/or the law and order way. See prior posts for non-Moon transits. Venus is just past and still quite close to exact conjunct Mars, so everybody's favorite centrally located three letter word may still be garnering attention, through the end of the month. Sun is just past opposite Pluto, so do continue to be cautious for the next week or so.

Headlines are good for something besides feeding the needs of narcissists and megalomaniacs that dominate them: learning Archetypal Astrology through events. Memes do show up and correlate, sometimes ghastly as Iran with Sun opposite Pluto, sometimes entertaining as Italy with Venus conjunct Mars. Social Media tend to show trends, informally there are more "need coffee" or "couldn't get out of bed" Tweets on Moon Void of Course mornings.

The Birthcard today is the Six of Clubs, a Neptune implementation of a Saturn core, with an Eight of Spades inside and a Two of Diamonds outside. Vincent Van Gogh, Yanni, Condoleezza Rice, John Wayne, Tim Robbins, Ann-Margret, Ambrose Bierce, Connie Francis, Dionne Warwick, Jessica Alba, Ron Paul, Hunter S. Thompson, Warren Beatty, Frank Sinatra, and John Glenn are various incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23 2009

Moon at home in Cancer will be centering a grand kite with Mars/Venus, Saturn, and Lilith Moon; giving all you partners harmonious, practical, yet deep insights; all in the midst of the craziness. See proir posts. Timing: Moon will be sextile Saturn exact at 11:43 am PDT, sextile Mars exact at 1:01 pm PDT, and sextile Venus exact at 2:16 pm PDT. There may also be a bit of the melancholy genius in the air today. Remember that genius is not nececarily smarts, nor craftiness, nor cunning; but the ability to see similarities in disparate domains ahead of the crowd and make meaningful connections. Seeing the obvious.

Today's Birthcard is the Seven of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Uranus core, with an Eight of Diamonds inside and a Jack of Spades outside. Bill Clinton, Oscar Wilde, Whoopi Goldberg, Orville Wright, Keith O. Johnson, Alfred Kinsey, Sam Walton, Samuel Morse, Ernest Hemingway, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Ogden Nash, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anne Bancroft, and Robin Williams all share this Birthcard.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22 2009 New Moon

Moon starts off Void of Course from 5:20 am PDT till 10:02 am PDT when she enters home, Cancer. Probably a case of the Mondays this morning, will wear off by lunch. See Office Space if you have not yet. Pre-dawn, Moon was square the Juno/Uranus conjunct; and trine the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio, another of the prior mentioned mixed message speed bumps. Moon will be conjunct Sun and Vesta exact at 12:35 pm PDT and opposite Pluto exact at 1:22 pm PDT. Sun opposite Pluto can be intense uphevals against the status quo, new Moon is new beginnings, and Moon opposite Pluto is therapy: self inquiry, poking at what's under the surface. Maybe feeling "less than". Mars/Venus is in a grand trine with Saturn and Lilith Moon, so questions of the boy/girl type (and other permutations) may be along the lines of "what's it all about". This is a solid kind of day, knowledge reigns supreme. Go forth and inquire.

What is significant is that rather than often when heavenly bodies are spread out, we have mostly clusters. In case you noticed, things can be more focused, intense, whatever they may be. Not the what, but the how. That's tight aspects for you.

The Birthcard today is the powerful Eight of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Neptune core, one of the three source cards that is the same inside as outside, WYSIWYG. Thomas Dolby, Priscilla Presley, Edmund Muskie, Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Austan Goolsbee, Gary Wright, and Meryl Streep are various incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21 2009

Moon in Gemini will be square Saturn, exact at 11:52 am PDT, adding a touch of sadness, insecurity. The Sun is conjunct Vesta, both opposite Pluto, within the orb for the next week or so. Upheavals, potentially violent, wherever you are, be careful. On the upside, Venus is exact conjunct Mars today, birds and bees, springtime animals and all. Juno conjunct Uranus adds a twist or three to such springtime festivities. Unusual forms of connecting, at least according to "tradition". Overall, there may be a "melancholy Artist" or creative urge kind of vibe in the ethers. You know, out of great pain and angst comes great Art as an expression? This would not be a Velvet Elvis day.

The Birthcard today is the 9 of Clubs, a Venus expression of a Saturn core with a Queen of Hearts inside and a 6 of Diamonds outside. 9Cs include Ken Wilber whether he likes it or not, Tony Robbins, Albert King, Zane Grey, Edward Murrow, Ella Fitzgerald, Lindz Lawlor, Valerie Innes, Artie Shaw, Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20 2009 Solstice

Depending on one's time zone, today or tomorrow is the Summer or the Winter Solstice. Four permutations to wish you a happy one. Moon starts off the day Void of Course, and enters Gemini at 10:00am PDT. It may feel slightly similar to a couple of days ago, as the 18th had "sweep speed bumps" of the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio before a Void of Course in the morning, but today, Moon was Square the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio and Sextile the Juno/Uranus pair predawn. Much later, when the official Solstice even happens, Moon will be conjunct Mercury, a hair before midnight PDT. This will likely be a festive day, a Solstice with Venus almost exactly conjunct Mars. Today may show hidden insecurities and vulnerabilities under a guise of power and bravado, the soft interior inside a crunchy shell, or knowledge attempting at overpowering feelings.

The Birthcard today is the 10 of Clubs, a Solar expression of a Mars core and some flexibility to experience a Venus or Mercury core with a Jack of Spades inside and a 4 of Spades outside. 10Cs include Phil Collins, Jack Abramoff, Paul Krugman, Steven Chu, Leonard Nimoy, Richard Dawkins, Erica Jong, Barbra Streisand, Joseph Campbell, and Shirley MacLaine.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19 2009

Moon in Taurus starts off the day lighting up the perfect romantic transit: conjunct Venus exact at 6:00 am PDT, conjunct Mars exact at 7:07 am PDT, and trine Saturn exact at 10:33 am PDT. Perfect, in that the Saturn trine with the Venus/Mars conjunct adds a certain grounding to the rush of the boy/girl (or other permutations) stuff, and enhances Love of all kinds, not just physical: anything one Loves, creative expressions of all sorts are well served under this transit. There will likely be a creative, almost hyperintelligent, maybe even tricksterish vibe in the air today.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Clubs, a Uranus expression of a Venus core, with a Jack of Diamonds inside and a 10 of Hearts outside. JCs include Rahm Emanuel, Art Linkletter, Ralph Nader, Oprah, Susie Bright, Raymond Burr, Howard Cosell, Jim Fixx, and Paula Abdul, whether they know it or not.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18 2009

Today, we start out Moon Void of Course till 7:20 am PDT when Moon enters Taurus. Prior to this, Moon was making a mni grand trine, midpoint of and sextile to both the Sun and the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. This might one of those mornings when one wants to stay in bed a bit longer more because it feels good rather than from fatigue. Moon will be trine Pluto exact at 11 am PDT, and also T-square the north/south node axis. A good day for therapy, as there are likely to be strong feelings and emotions in the ethers, maybe even sensitive, high strung and angsty; but also an intuitive connection to constructive revelations and actions.

Sun conjunct Vesta is in the orb of opposite Pluto over the next couple of weeks, so do be careful, may any deep uphevals leave you structurally intact.

Current events happening as mirrored in the skies remind that another mention of the epic tome "Cosmos and Psyche" by Richard Tarnas is in the Cards today. Not an easy read, but quite digestable. Meticulously documents events of history correlating with Planetary Archetypes in a very "feet on the ground" way. Should be on every bookshelf.

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Mars core, with a 3 of Hearts inside and a 10 of Diamonds outside. QCs include Michael Bolton, Robert Novak, Nikolai Lenin, Debra Gangale, Arthur Laffer, Jack Nicholson, Aaron Spelling, Cher, Nicolas Sarkozy, Charles Mingus, Jonhhy Cash, Alan Alda, and Paul McCartney.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17 2009

Moon in Aries passes square Lilith Moon pre-dawn, then "just" hangs out today. The Sun is trine the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio and square the Uranus/Juno conjunction, exact today. The Sun is also sneaking up on opposite Pluto, see prior post for details. Venus is close to conjunct Mars, and both are in the orb of trine Saturn. If this sounds like a mixed set of messages, it is. The general themes are along the lines of upset, challenges to the status-quo. Things, events will likely have a personal angle to them, some form of emotional reaction or involvement. Not a kick-back time. Today, there may be a creative "take charge" to the point of somewhat domineering vibe in the air. The trickster may show up and demonstrate something so new that it goes over the heads of those observing.

The Birthcard today is the King of Clubs, a double Uranus with a 2 of Spades inside and an 8 of Spades outside. KCs include Keith Olbermann, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Chaka Khan, Pierre Simon Laplace, Ric Ocasek, Barry Manilow, Gary Stadler, Jesse Ventura, and James "J Bob Dobbs" Dobson.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 2009

Moon in Aries starts off the day with a nice fan spread to complement the "therapy transit": sextile/trine the north/south node, square Pluto exact at 4:55 am PDT, sextile Mercury exact at 5:37 am PDT. This would be a good morning to communicate about deep feelings, what makes us tick, what is if value to us, as communication will likely flow with articulation. For the rest of the day (and Month actually) Venus is almost exactly conjunct Mars, and Juno is also almost exactly conjuct Uranus, so it is probable that boy/girl (and various permutations) stuff will likely get lots of attention. Sun is just entering the orb, and will be opposite Pluto next week, so be aware of a chance of intense events; either pleasurable or dangerous. Stay away from dark alleys.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Neptune core, with a 2 of Diamonds inside and an Ace of Hearts outside. ADs include Marcel Marceau, George Soros, Angela Davis, Ray Conniff, Alice A. Bailey, Paul Hogan, William Shatner, Chevy Chase, Dennis Kucinich, and Gerald R. Ford.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 2009 Moon Last Quarter

Moon in Pisces will be square the Sun exact at 3:15 am PDT, then conjunct Juno exact at 4:35 pm PDT, conjunct Uranus exact at 6:17 pm PDT and square Vesta exact at 9:56 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course for the rest of the evening. Pick your school of thought as to whether the Goddess asteroids count or not for Moon Void of Course, but they do here. Speaking of stretching tradition, Moon today will likely give a kick to the unconventional in terms of families and relations. Expect the unexpected. Steadfastness may be nudged out of it's comfort zone, or have it's values questioned.

The Birthcard for today is the 2 of Diamonds, a Mars expression of a Saturn core with a 6 of Clubs inside and an Ace of Diamonds outside. 2Ds include Corazon Aquino, Viktor Yushchenko, Modest Mussorgsky, Rosie O'Donnell, Dudley Moore, Taj Mahal, Johannes Gutenberg, Ole Evinrude, Trent Reznor, and Howard Jones.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14 2009

Moon in Pisces will be sextile the sex pair this morning, sextile Venus exact at 6:34 am PDT and sextile Mars exact at 10:53 am PDT; then eventually opposite Saturn exact at 9:21 pm PDT. To paraphrase a famous movie: at first there's lots of warm fuzzies then there's running and screaming. Not likely quite as dramatic today, but if you experience any uncertainty, it would be better to make decisions earlier in the day, and don't make any drastic decisions later. Wait till tomorrow and see how you feel then. If one wonders where the good vibes from the morning went, likely Moon opposite Saturn bringing fleeing depression.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Diamonds, a Mercury expression of a Uranus core, with a 6 of Hearts inside and a Queen of Diamonds outside. 3Ds include John Belushi, Neil Diamond, Oral (!) Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Edward Kennedy, Fred Rogers, Rick Moranis, and Pierce Brosnan.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13 2009

Moon finishing up in Aquarius sweeps conjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio "exact" between 7 and 8 am PDT, is trine Vesta exact at 9:15 am PDT, is square Mercury exact at 2:04 pm PDT when she goes briefly Moon Void of Course till 2:32 pm PDT. Then she enters Pisces, her Home away from Home where she will be sextile Pluto exact at 6:57 pm PDT. This is possibly a "dig in your heels and move in spite of circumstances" kind of day. Childhood memories may surface, but with a bit of an edge, as to how we could do things better; and later in the day deeper, almost spiritual inclinations may take center stage, seeking answers where superficialities just won't do.

The Birthcard today is the 4 of Diamonds, a Neptune expression of a Venus core, with a 5 of Spades inside and a 5 of Hearts outside. 4D incarnations include Antonio Villaraigosa, Jake Steinfeld, David Geffen, Richard Tarnas, Ornette Coleman, Brian Eno, William Butler Yeats, and James Clerk Maxwell.

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12 2009

Moon continues through Aquarius mostly uneventfully and ends up with a nice trine with the Sun exact at 11:16 pm PDT which should offset some of an uncertainty that may be in the ethers today. Two transits relevant through the end of June are: Venus conjunct Mars moving together away from trine Pluto to continue the second spring; and Juno conjunct Uranus square Vesta being approached by the Sun. Mars and Venus together need no further introduction. The Juno/Uranus sqaure Vesta may point towards unusual, creative liasions and relations that may also involve some contrast/resistance from tradition. So what else is new, but there may be an extra push for acceptance of alternative lifestyles across a broad spectrum from just friends to intense passion to fiscal "shortfalls" nudging towards communal living. Life and Love have many faces indeed.

The Birthcard today is the 5 of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Neptune core, with a 9 of Diamonds inside and a 3 of Clubs outside. 5D incarnations include Neil Bush, GHW Bush, Sam Cooke, Grover Cleveland, Patty Hearst, Ivana Trump, Peter Graves, Dusty Springfield, Edgar Cayce, and Herbie Mann.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11 2009

Moon in Aquarius is off to a good start today conjunct the north node, then stirs up the boy/girl (or any permutation therein) stuff; square Venus exact at 12:44 pm PDT and square Mars exact at 6:48 pm PDT. There may be a few passionate, er, discussions today, including about money/values---responsibilities. With Venus conjunct Mars and elsewhere Juno conjunct Uranus through the end of June, creative thinking, unusual ideas in relationships may be at the forefront, even more so than usual.

The Birthcard today is the 6 of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Mercury core, with a 9 of Clubs inside and a 3 of Spades outside. 6Ds include Geena Davis, Paul Allen, Richard Strauss, Carrie Prejean, Seal, Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Tom Hanks, Raquel Welch, and Freddie Mercury.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10 2009

Moon in Capricorn is heading to a nice mini-grand trine; sextile Uranus exact at 6:39 pm PDT and trine Mercury exact at 8:31 pm PDT, when she goes Moon Void of Course till the middle of the night. This would point to a possibility of balanced excitement, which will be most welcome today as there is likely a vibe in the ethers of a tug along the axis between love and money, exposing the illusion(s) of money associated with value or security. It is a good evening for an Arthouse Flick.

The Birthcard of the day is the 7 of Diamonds, a double Venus with a "veiled" double Saturn inside and outside. 7D incarnations include George Carlin, Matt Dillon, Yoko Ono, Pat Nixon, Farley Mowat, Henny Youngman, Julie Christie, Paul Begala, F. Lee Bailey, James Madison, and George Burns.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 2009

Moon in Capricorn will mosey to trine Saturn exact at 8:10 pm PDT. Mercury is fully out of Retrograde, the last stiction day has passed; and is now sextile Uranus and square the infamous Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. We may be enthused and even excited about big ideas, grand plans, dreams that may verge on delusions; but we must pay attention to those pesky little details that trip us up when we don't. There may be a vibe in the air around the theme(s) of power and success (whatever we may imagine those to be), and it may be competing this evening with a tendency towards introspection in contemplation of our place in the grand scheme of things. Spring has still sprung, but with Venus/Mars trine Pluto the sprong may include "we need to talk" as a prerequisite.

The Birthcard today is the 8 of Diamonds, a crown card with a Jupiter core, with a Queen of Spades inside and a 7 of Clubs outside. 8Ds include Paris Hilton, Dolly Parton, Fabio Lanzoni, Al Green, Sly Stone, Thomas Jefferson, Martha Quinn, Jim Jeffords, and Andrew Jackson.

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 2009

Moon finishes up in Sagittarius square Uranus and sextile the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio right before going Moon Void of Course from 6:51 am PDT till 1:00pm PDT. Possibly mixed feelings around the crack of Dawn, followed by a case of the Mondays. Later on, Moon will be conjunct Pluto exact at 5:43 pm PDT and trine Venus exact at 6:13 pm PDT, and trine Mars in the middle of the night. Possibility of deep, intense feelings associated with boy/girl stuff (or other permutations). There may be some feelings along the axis of disappointment/transcendence today, facing the loss of something with illusionary value and having the opportunity to find an expanded, more universal perspective of truer value.

With Uranus exactly one house away from the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio, over the next few months there will be a few of the speed bumps like this morning as Moon sweeps across transiting them both harmoniously and disruptively almost simultaneously.

The Birthcard today is the 9 of Diamonds, a Uranus implementation of a Mars core, with a Queen of Diamonds inside and a 5 of Diamonds outside. 9Ds include Barack Obama, Ray Dolby, Cleveland Amory, Tom Clancy, Sylvester Stallone, Dubya, and Francis Crick.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7 2009 Full Moon

Moon in Sagittarius will be square Saturn exact at 7:36 am PDT and opposite Sun aka Full Moon exact at 11:12 am PDT. This T-square is likely to correlate with some heavy feelings, any insecurities hiding within will likely be flooded by stagelights. As Sun moves beyond exact square Saturn, things should be easing up. Today, there may also be a vibe of success/gluttony in the ethers, depending on which cards you have been dealt, so to speak. Might be a good time to remember that superficial success is the former and not truly the latter.

The Birthcard of today is the 10 of Diamonds, a double Jupiter, with a Queen of Clubs inside and a Queen of Spades outside. P. T. Barnum, Martha Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Phil McGraw, Zooey Deschanel, Andy Kaufman, Candice Bergen, Douglas Hofstadter, and Sammy Kaye are all examples of the 10 of Diamonds incarnate.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6 2009

The waxing Moon in Sagittarius starts off the day, a harmonious start indeed, sextile/trine the North/south node axis. Venus conjunct Mars are (both) trine Pluto, see prior posts for juicy details. Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter are still conjunct, lots of prior writings on that also. There may be a bit of a creative vibe in the air today, possibly the playful trickster will pay you a visit at a Full Moon party tonight...or you could be the hundredth monkey, at home with the eclectic or the eclectic at home. A good day to notice that Material and Spiritual are not mutually exclusive.

The Birthcard of the day is the Jack of Diamonds, a Uranus implementation of a Neptune core, with a 3 of Spades inside and a Jack of Clubs outside. Rube Goldberg, Mojo Nixon, Samuel Hahnemann, Ann Landers, Abigail Van Buren, Kirk Kerkorian, Keith Jarrett, Max Von Sydow, Joseph Pulitzer, Louis Armstrong and the USA were/are all JD. Diamonds, not Daniels.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5 2009

Moon in Scorpio is busy today, trine Juno exact at 10:56 am PDT, opposite Mercury exact at 1:56 pm PDT, trine Uranus exact at 6:18 pm PDT, and sweeping square the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio ending at 7:18 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course through the middle of the night.
There may be a bit of an unsettled feeling in the air, possibly one that seeks shiny things to attempt to ease the feeling. We may paradoxically feel good about or long for a long term connection, while having mixed emotions, desiring new excitement, and being rubbed the wrong way. A Moon Kaleidoscope day, and an Arthouse Film evening.

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Mercury core, with a 3 of Diamonds inside and a 9 of Diamonds outside. Captain Beefheart, Lloyd Bridges, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Zucker, Aristotle Onassis share this Birthcard, along with Edward Teller, Antonin Scalia, and Rupert Murdoch.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4 2009

Our friend the one and only Moon in Scorpio meanders today, ends up midpoint between Saturn and Lilith Moon, sextile Saturn exact at 8:44 pm PDT. There may be a theme of money/power versus the power of love, with a dash of introspection about one's place within the bigger picture later in the day. Sun will be passing square Saturn over the next few days, so we may be feeling small, insignificant. Any "authority issues" hidden safely away may get attention. We are in the final stiction days of the recently passed Mercury Retrograde, so things should be picking up soon.

The Birthcard today is the King of Diamonds, a Mars expression of a Venus core with a 3 of Clubs inside and a 7 of Spades outside. KDs include Charles Darwin, Faye Dunaway, Rudolph Valentino, Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci, Ray Manzarek, Seymour Hersh, Harriet Tubman, and Vicente Fox.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3 2009

Moon finishes up in Libra sweeping trine the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio a bit after 9 am PDT, and ending up opposite Venus exact at 11:00 am PDT. Moon Void of Course is from 11:00 am PDT till 3:44 pm PDT when Moon "enters" Scorpio. A distinct lack of mojo would preclude a power lunch today. Moon will be opposite Mars exact at 8:19 pm PDT and sextile Pluto exact at 8:23 pm PDT. One "small" detail to note is that the Venus/Mars conjunction that has something to do with the second spring has moved into trine with Pluto; nudging relations to uncover depths, get to the real stuff underneath the external attractions. You thought this boy/girl (or boy/boy, girl/girl) stuff was all sensate fun, think again---you have the potential of the gift of deeper understanding, particularly today as Moon lights this transit up after warming up the spiritual idealist trio Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter. Stuff you did not know you were carrying around since childhood has a chance to be unearthed, felt, understood, and released.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Spades, the Card of the Magi, a Mercury expression of a Neptune core, with a 7 of Hearts inside and 2 of Clubs outside. Stan Grof, Dan Aykroyd, Sydney Pollack, Chuck Barris, Ravi Shankar, Yuri Gagarin, Daniel Ellsberg, and Jennifer Aniston are a cast of characters who share this Birthcard, and at least one of them knows it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2 2009

Moon in Libra was trine the Sun exact at 6:27 am PDT. Venus is moving back through exact sextile the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. One might expect this to be a harmonious day, however there may be a bit of an edge in th ethers. Mercury will be past the stiction days in a week.

The Birthcard today is the 2 of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Mars core, with a 6 of Spades inside and a King of Clubs outside. 2Ss include Jeff Bezos, Howard Stern, Heather Mills, Melanie Chrisholm, Alex Comfort, Gary Numan, and Marilu Henner.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1 2009

Moon starts out Void of Course till 8:17 am PDT, when she enters Libra in search of balance and aesthetics, and will be square Pluto exact at 12:51 pm PDT. She will be trine/sextile the north/south node axis today, which should offset some of the intensity from Moon/Pluto; or at least make it's effects and aftereffects easier to integrate. This could be one of those Mondays where one just wants to linger under the covers a bit longer. There may be strong, intense, passionate emotions, the kind that well up from deep within. A good day to grab life by the whatever you grab it by, and make some decisions that have been teetering on the edge.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Spades, a Saturn implementation of a Jupiter core, with a 6 of Diamonds inside and a Jack of Diamonds outside. 3Ss include a creative mix of characters: Alexander Hamilton, Arthur Hailey, Wilhelm Maybach, Alice Walker, Golda Meir, Jim Webb, Pete Seeger, Lee Ritenour, Naomi Judd, Bette Davis, James Brown, Reverend Ike, and Marilyn Monroe.