Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31 2008 Impulsive New Moon

[guest blogger today] It is worth noting the when we refer to a heavenly body being in a constellation, it really means it appears to be that way from a geocentric or terrestrial perspective. Moon in Virgo is opposite Uranus, pulling away from the Sun/Saturn conjunction. She heads for a Square with Pluto later in the day, and tomorrow a conjunct with the cluster of Venus/Mercury/Mars in Libra. The tendency under a hard Sun/Saturn transit is one of heaviness. Combined with the double Saturn property of yesterday's card, 9 of Hearts, you may be feeling a bit of a lifting of a certain sense of heaviness today. There may be an impulsive reaction to that lifting. Moon opposite Uranus can be a propensity for sudden, impulsive emotional incidents. Moon Square Pluto can tip off deep, unexpressed or unresolved emotions, so be aware of the possibility of various mechanisms from combining unbottling with power struggles: guilt, jealousy, resentment. As (mostly) always, a very good strategy is to be current and "honest" with one's feelings while refraining from blasting with the resultant emotions. Easier said than done in real time, but well worth the practice.

Some of the fun is developing the ability to discern the distinction between the sensations of a world transit, and the sensation of a personal transit. Have a look at what is being "lit up" in one's own natal/birth chart and refer to Rob Hand's classic reference book Planets in Transit. Linkage to resources on the left under connections. There are many layers beyond what can fit in a blog, and if you take that path or tributary on your journey, your mind will be blown, in a good way, without any physical damage at how so much fits together in a multi textured, multi timbre, multi filigreed symphony of resonance.

The slower orbiting outer Planets will set the stage for different generations, and we are now moving into an era of Uranus square Pluto and Neptune sextile Pluto, with a subtle but significant distinction that both Uranus and Neptune are moving away from Pluto, the waxing phase. On a societal scale, the sweeping away old or outgrown structures, and having experiences that melt away old belief systems through deep psychological insight are in store for us.

Today is an Eight of Hearts day, the power of emotions, a Neptune implementation of a Jupiter core. The birthcard of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady of France. You may have an insight or two looking up the mythology of Herne (not to be confused with Hermes).

Friday, August 29, 2008

August, 30, 2008 New Moon

Moon is now in Virgo and it is the New Moon. Moon will conjunct Sun this morning and Saturn this evening after 7 pm PST. Sun is associated with your identity, what you do, your shining self. Saturn is associated with structure, evaluation, standing on your own, what you are responsible for and to. (Check out Intro to Archetypal Astro for more details about Saturn). Moon/Sun can be experienced as energized, especially if other transits in your chart are favorable, however Saturn is close by and will effect the implementation or mood of the Sun/Moon transit. Moon/Saturn tends to bring out alone-feeling aspects, have to stand on your own, when it is in conjunction with the deep feeling aspects of the Moon. Throughout the day and this evening notice how these transits affect you. After awhile you will get to know and recognize the fluctuations and repetitive themes of moods and perceptions. A Moon transit can be an entry point into something that is really significant to your growth or it can be a temporary cycle of astral weather that will pass and you will resume your more familiar self. The longer transits seem to be entry points for major change. See what is lighting up your Natal Chart. For longer world transits check out the entries over the past two days. Also check out Daily Chart link. Locate the degree and sign of the planets in the world transits and then match them up to your natal chart and see what they are effecting. 

The card of the day is Nine of Hearts, a double Saturn. The mythology of Ch'eng-huang may have meaning today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 29, 2008 Moon void of course this evening

Moon is moving its way through Leo and  is opposing Neptune (in Aquarius) this morning. You may have a feeling of unsettledness as this transit is in motion. Neptune is the watery, oceanic archetype - diffusing boundaries between self and others, past and present - sensitizing without clear distinction. Neptune with the feeling aspect of the Moon can resurface past emotional events, situations, and patterns of relationships. This transit may also be experienced as heightened sensitivity, that is, less buffer to deal with people, moods, situations. This transit lasts a few hours until around noon PST. There will be a little breather after that in terms of the Moon's activities. Later in the evening Moon will be void of course, moving into Virgo before 9 pm until around 11 pm. Sun/Saturn is still in Virgo so Moon will be conjuncting this duo tomorrow when you wake up on Saturday. Sun/Saturn can be experienced as being overly hard on yourself in terms of accomplishments, and questions such as, what have I done with my life? Some may experience a more positive side of Saturn that brings a sense of support to the things you are doing with your life (especially if other transits aspecting you Natal chart are influencing this effect). Moon lighting up Sun/Saturn will also trigger the Moon/Saturn qualities of feeling alone and separate from others. If you are aware of this prior, you can recognize it is a transit and not a permanent feeling. You can also exercise choice whether you want to engage in its perturbations. That is the positive side of being aware!
Venus is moving out of square Pluto around noon. If you are conscious of this transit you have an opportunity to be aware of this archetypal tendency to be pulled into disruptive relational patterns. There can be a greater likelihood of conscious choice of how you want to be and what you want to focus on.
Moon is trine Pluto today so it is a good time to be aware of the depth of psyche and archetypal languages. Good time for insight. Jupiter is trine Sun/Saturn conjunct. Saturn tends towards a feeling of standing on your own and with Jupiter (feeling of expansion in knowing) in a trine aspect it can feel like you are up to the task of supporting your growth and responsibility to yourself and to what you aspire to. This transit is somewhat an antithesis of the Sun/Saturn malaise of not being good enough. You get to choose what you focus on and what you need. 
Mercury, Venus, Mars are still traveling close together. Good time for creative outlets and expressions, and languages. These are squaring Jupiter, so see how that plays out in areas of creativity.

Ten of Hearts day in the Cards today, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core. The mythology of Shango may add insight for any and all of you "need to know" people.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 28, 2008 Moving towards New Moon

Moon is now in Leo and sextile Mars this morning. Mars is associated with actions of asserting, initiating, moving forward. Moon/Mars can be experienced as clear communication of feelings and action, good transit for initiating your ideas, may show strength and/or be attracted to someone who exhibits strength in ability to be assertive. Venus is moving into square with Pluto. Be aware of power struggles in relationship. (Read yesterday's entry.) This transit will last until Friday mid morning. Mercury will enter Libra this evening conjuncting Mars. Mars gives an extra push to Mercury's communication and intellectual pursuits. As a hard aspect there can be a tendency towards debate and competitiveness. On a positive side, you may have more energy to stay focused on projects that involve detail. Saturn is trine Jupiter. Saturn/Jupiter can be experienced as practical sense in matters such as finances, planning your goals, making choices that support future ideas. Longer transits that are in the background yet significant - Uranus/Pluto square - profound/deep revolutionary changes. Pluto, the priciple of death and rebirth interfaces with the awakening aspect of Uranus. Neptune is sextiling Pluto. Neptune is associated with the spiritual, ideals, transcendence. The transit with Pluto is deep transformation is how you have seen yourself and life, your beliefs, what you have known to be true. This is experienced as personal and social change. 
Remember that Sun is still conjuncting Saturn. They will be exact at 11 degrees on September 3rd. This transit can be felt as being hard on yourself in terms of accomplishments, feeling less than, loss of drive to shine. Sun is associated with your identity and Saturn with taking personal inventory, re-evaluation, questioning what you really want to do, what you have done. This can be experienced as somewhat depressing due to the hard transit. Keep in mind that it is a passing perspective and not necessarily an accurate picture.   

Today is a Jack of Hearts day, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core. The mythologies of Krishna, and also to a lesser degree Ganesha and Hera may deepen the understanding. Google away.
Jack of Hearts is also known as the initiate, the Christ Card. It is one of the three fixed cards, staying the same for all spreads. The two primary spreads shown here are the perfect or Spiritual spread on the left, and the life or mundane spread on the right. If one were to pick up the life spread from the right and lay it over the perfect spread on the left, there would be three cards in the same place, the fixed cards. For the other cards, the card that is covered in the perfect spread is the shadow or spirit card of the one from the life spread covering it. These have meaning in the grand scheme of things, and will be "covered" over time in/on this blog. In the meantime, have a look at the book on the Cards here for more details.

August 27, 2008 Queen of Hearts day with other possibilities

Moon is at the end of Cancer and will be void of course from 5 pm to 8 pm PST this evening - moving into Leo. Moon is heading towards the Sun,Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars line up which is still in Virgo (except for Mars, which is in the next house, Libra). Moon is sextile this group throughout the day and evening. Being a sextile, it means there is an opportunity to access the more positive sides of these Moon/planet combinations. Smooth communication of feelings, pleasant feelings of being with others, getting things done amicably - are all possible with this transit. The key is tuning in to these aspects vs. some of the harder transits today. While the cluster of Sun .... Mars are being sextiled by the Moon, Mercury and Venus are squaring Pluto. Mercury is exact square Pluto this morning - this can be the tendency to coerce others towards your point of view, possibly argumentative about your perspectives, power struggles of some sort in communication with others (from you or from them to you). Venus will be exact square Pluto tomorrow evening about 5:30. Venus/Pluto - strong pulls to the darker aspects of relating. A nice sublimation of these energies are the arts (especially since Venus/Mercury are right next to each other - the art combo.). Paint, or whatever you do for creative expression if the energies of these transits seem to eclipse your emotional self. Sun is still conjunct Saturn - this can be identifying with responsibilities, tasks, perceived necessary structures for maintaining stability. Saturn may also feel depressing on the Sun (your identity) where you may not feel up to your ideal self - possibly critical of what you have accomplished, not good enough. This transit will be around awhile - so be aware of unduly harsh self-comments. It will pass as this transit changes.

If you know your natal chart, be aware of where World Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are in relationship to your Ascendant, Midheaven and key natal planets, and houses. World Saturn is 10 degrees Virgo. (If your ascendant is Virgo, and around 10 degrees, you will be going through a re-evaluation of what you are doing with your life, relationships, etc.). Saturn will be 11 degrees this evening, 12 degrees on September 4th. Uranus is 21 degrees Pisces; Neptune 22 degrees Aquarius; Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius. Uranus is retrograde (meaning it will stay within a few degrees of 21) until this Nov. 27th. Neptune is also retrograde until this Nov. 2nd. Pluto is retrograde until this September 9th. There can sometimes be the experience that certain areas in your life are finally progressing as each planet moves out of retrograde. (To look up your chart - check out the link on the left - Create a Chart.

Today is a
Queen of Hearts day, a double Neptune, the quintessential feminine, the birthcard (not birthday, birthcard) of Edith Piaf.
If you are feeling the waves of emotion today, look here.
Neptune can represent spirituality, the visionary, nebulousness, delusion,
liquids, among others.
Psychologically, the blurring of boundaries.
The mythology of Tiamat may have particular meaning.

Monday, August 25, 2008

August 26, 2008 Moon et al.

Moon is moving towards opposition to Jupiter this morning. It will be exact before 3 pm PST. Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness - this can come from travel, expanding ideas, education. Moon opposing Jupiter can be experienced as feeling generous towards others (though not wanting to be ruled by expectations of others) or can be experienced as the need for freedom from situations or people that feel narrowing. The main sense is wanting expansiveness on your own terms. Moon is sextile Saturn this morning - with this transit you may feel balanced about your feelings and what you need to do - a tendency to reflect on your feeling states and not be caught up in them. This transit can be an ally to the other transits today. Saturn brings about a sense of structure that feels supportive verses restrictive when there is a soft transit such as a sextile. A sextile means you have the opportunity to use the qualities in the particular transit. 
On the line up of Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars (all in Virgo, except for Mars in Libra) - Venus and Mercury are moving into square with Pluto. This will last for the next few days. Pluto adds a heavier quality to Venus and Mercury. Venus/Pluto can be the angst lover - feeling of being drawn into relational disturbances that you can't seem to get out of. Mercury/Pluto can feel like a pull to dominate another person in an argument or insisting on your perspective and point of view, hard to back off of wanting your way. In both of these transits, Pluto adds the experience of plunging into the depths - underworld, power struggles, death/rebirth. 

Pluto is 28 degrees in Sagittarius and is very slow moving. It is square with Uranus (another slow moving planet) which is 21 degrees in Pisces. Across from Uranus is the cluster of faster moving planets - Venus, Mercury, Mars (these are moving towards Pluto) - the Moon is moving towards the cluster of Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars. (Speaking from the perspective of the geocentric planetary chart.) Uranus-Pluto square is a significant world transit of revolutionary change. 

Card of the Day
Todday is a King of Hearts day, a Mars expression of a Mercury core. If you feel so inclined, have a look at the mythologies of Marduk, Horus, and the Irish Brigid and the Morrigan. King of Hearts is a powerful card, it is the birthcard of Joe Biden. Note that as there are 53 cards and 366 birthdays, there will be some repeats.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aug 25, 2008 Sweeping Moon view

Moon will continue to light up the cluster of planets that are in close conjunct. It has squared Sun (5 pm Saturday), Saturn (8:30 am yesterday), Venus (this morning 7 am), Mercury (9 am), and will square Mars (after midnight). Moon will be opposite Pluto around 3:00 pm today (all times, PST). When Moon is opposite a planet it is like a full moon position-so all is exposed under the light of the moon (that is, the characteristics of the planet mingled with the intense feeling qualities of the Moon will be fully activated). Moon opposite Pluto can be intense emotions within yourself and/or in relation with another - jealousies, possessiveness, drawn in or to particular people, feelings, or situations - undercurrents that feel unsettling. This transit can be used to become aware of what your own particular way this plays out - patterns from your past, familial relationships, intimate relationships, emotional perceptions of self and others. It is not the best time for making decisions while being effected by this transit. It will last a few hours. Venus and Mercury are moving towards square Pluto on Wed. and Thurs.. Leading up to the middle of the week, the heavier qualities could be felt in love relationships and in communication - can be tendency towards arguments, insisting on one's way-breaking out of accommodating others, and/or wanting to restrict freedom of others due to insecurities. As the night progresses towards midnight you may feel Moon/Mars as irritation. Mindfulness and observation helps when moods and thoughts are most pervasive. 

Allies for the day: Saturn is trine Jupiter. This transit brings in the supportive aspects of Saturn. You may experience greater capacity to organize and decide what works best in various situations. There can be an ease with providing yourself and your environment with structure in its most positive sense. This transit will be around the rest of the month. Jupiter is sextile Neptune. This is the opportunity to go with deeper benevolent changes that are happening as part of a larger, collective, and spiritual meme. This is also a longer transit. 
Reminder: The Moon moves very quickly. A mood, feeling, thought pattern may seem to come out of nowhere. This is most likely the moon sweeping over. It will pass within a few hours. If the feeling, etc. lasts longer, it may be a longer transit of a day or so. Be aware of the allies as well. On the left under connections, go to Daily Chart and click on the chart. This will give you other aspects to consider with regard to the transits.

Today is an Ace of Clubs day, a Mercury expression of a Venus core. Venus can represent Art, aesthetics, and Love.

The mythologies of Parvati, Sarasvati, Thor, and of course, Eros may evoke a chord of resonance for you today.

August 24, 2008 How do you feel?

Moon is moving off square Saturn as I write today's entry at 10:00 am PST. Over the next two days Moon will continue spotlighting a group of planets (plus Sun) in Virgo. Here is the line up: Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Sun/Saturn conjunct will tighten over the next two days. Saturn and Venus have a good gap between them, yet could still be felt; Venus and Mercury are very tight; Mercury and Mars are within reach, about as close as the Sun/Saturn. Moon has just past over Saturn so will head towards Venus, then Mercury, and then will be exact Mars sometime while you are probably sleeping on Tuesday in the earliest a.m.. Added to this grand sweep-Moon will be coming into opposite Pluto (imagine a Full Moon position between them). There could be significant ups and downs in how you are feeling about yourself and others that could potentially be confusing. My advice is to wait it out, give breathing room, remember to meditate or whatever you do for a touchstone of center. Each planet has a particular emphasis that can be an ally to your understanding. Read Intro to Archetypal Astro on the left side of this blog. Look up Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto. These planets will be playing out in the realms relevant to the Moon, which are: the past, childhood patterns, familial relationship, Mom or early caretaker issues, relationships with women, unconscious emotions. Observe how this plays out in the next couple of days. Moon is in the process of going from Gemini to Cancer (on Monday).

Today is a Two of Clubs day, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core. Uranus aka Prometheus can represent Freethinking, Change, Electricity, Upset, Eccentric. Have a look at the mythologies of Arwan and Odin, just for fun.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23 Moon Void of Course

Moon is moving from Taurus to Gemini today. This morning Moon is squaring Sun and will move into square with Saturn in the later part of the evening. Moon will be exact square Saturn tomorrow morning, so as the night progresses be aware of feeling alone, separate from others, on your own, negative thinking about yourself. Moon square Sun may surface underlying tensions to look at in relationships or around the theme of home. If all is well and you are current, this transit may be experienced as energizing. Moon is trine Mars so this may be an ally in asserting yourself. Venus conjunct Mercury in Virgo is opposing Uranus. Uranus can be experienced as breaking out of the usual, new ideas-people coming into your life unexpectedly, events that may surprise or upset. Uranus is about change, innovation, breaking free from patterns that no longer serve you. Venus/Mercury is a mix of love and beauty with articulation of expression-arts, writing, travel, pleasant conversations. This conjunct opposing Uranus can put an unexpected quality of the peculiar, out of ordinary, breaking out of norms to Venus/Mars. Mars is moving out of square with Pluto. You may still feel some of the residual of the tendency to be the fighter. Moon trine Mars will temper that energy.

Today is a Three of Clubs day, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core. The mythologies of Ogoun, Tyr, and Cerridwen to a lesser degree may strike a chord. Google is your friend. See the card spreads link on the left under connections. The vertical columns represent the Archetypal core, and the horizontal rows represent the implementation or expression of that core.

Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008 Trine again

Moon (in Taurus) is trine with Saturn, Venus (both in Virgo) and Jupiter (in Capricorn). Later in the day and evening Moon will trine Mercury (in Virgo) and square Neptune (in Aquarius). Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury make up a loose conjunct (they are next to each other) in Virgo. The Moon trines can potentially be experienced as beneficial or easy aspects. Moon/Saturn-may feel more apt to accept your emotional self, have strength to look at the past-may look to older person for guidance and wisdom. Moon/Venus-in aspect with the Moon this can be the feeling of wanting to give time to expressions of love and beauty. Moon/Jupiter-feeling of expansiveness, generosity, could be overindulgent if not aware. Moon/Mercury-ability to express feelings, communicate, insight to your own feelings, listen to others. Moon square Neptune can bring up sensitivities to internal or external sources-this can be something that bothers you from your past or some feeling patterns that are troublesome, or it can be someone or something external that may bother you more than usual - irritation, feeling a little more on the edge. This contrasts with the earlier trines of the day so be aware of subtle or not so subtle shifts in your feeling states as the day progresses into evening. Another meme you could feel today is the loose conjunct of Sun/Saturn/Venus/Mercury. Saturn in the mix with the other planets can show up as scrutinizing over what aspects are working (or not) in your relationships, criticalness, thinking that is more narrow, single tasked, and possible low energy. See what comes up for you as the Moon sweeps by!

This is a Four of Clubs day, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core; also known as the foundation of knowledge card.

Mars can represent action, athletics, anger, sex. Jupiter can represent magnanimity, generosity, benevolence, gluttony. Lookup the mythologies of Shango, Ariadne, and Zeus. Anything ring a bell?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008 Another Moon trine day

Moon in Taurus is trine Pluto and Sun this morning. In the evening Moon trine Saturn and trine Jupiter will be added to the mix. Moon is pulling away from trine Pluto and Sun though you may feel some residual effects of these trines. Pluto is associated with soul depth and intensity. Moon trine Pluto is a soft aspect, meaning that it may be easier to use the energies of this transit (depth of feelings) as an experience of learning about yourself or others. However, as with all types of transits (square, trine, conjunct, sextile, oppositon) if you are not tuned in, you may find yourself a leaf in the cosmic wind. In the case of Moon/ Pluto trine, it may be easy to fall into intense deep conversations that are ultimately exhausting and not so insightful if you are not awake and aware. Not always a fun! Moon is moving off trine Sun, and again you could feel some of this transit as well. Moon/Sun can be experienced as harmony and balance in matters of home and groups. Moon/Saturn trine is a time when Saturn is experienced more as supportive rather than oppressive or blocking. There can be a sense of strength in revisiting the past, reflecting of aspects of yourself, awareness of feelings, and standing on your own. Moon/Jupiter trine is another transit that is conducive to being in groups. Tendency for pleasant and warm feelings with and from others.

This is one layer, this blog is a generic forecast (and sometimes postcast) of the world transits. If you are feeling differently, for instance if you feel perturbed on a day when the forecast is mostly smooth, as yesterday and today had mostly easy moon transits worldwide; have a look at what is transiting in your (natal) birthchart.

Get to know your natal chart. Days, weeks, months, and yes, years will have certain emotional tones, impetus for change, and propensities when your natal planets are being effected by world transits. Teaser descriptions: Saturn transiting your chart will evoke sorting, assessing, slowing down to evaluate what is important, positioning for a change of direction. Uranus is major change in significant aspects of your life-relationships, work, residence, understandings about life. Pluto, deep, intense transformations. Neptune, diffuses whatever it is transiting also sensitizes for greater understanding potentially, blurs boundaries. Moon sweeps across and accentuates these characteristics, both hard and soft.

This is a Five of Clubs day, which is a Mercury implementation of a Saturn core.

Mercury can represent the communicator, the trickster, the thinker.
Lookup the mythologies of Ptah and Loki. See if any of their stories reflect anything meaningful to you today.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20, 2008 New day - astral weather and card of the day

Today is a relatively easy day. The only hard aspect for the Moon is squaring Jupiter. Jupiter interfacing with Moon-can be feeling of generosity-in general, not worrying about details. There can be an interest in philosophical ideas. Jupiter can also be experienced as over indulgence and may show up as indulging others and/or feeling that your ideas and ideals are more grand than other's ideas. Overall, the effect is mostly harmless. Enjoy this time when the Moon is not lighting up much. Venus is conjunct Mercury in Virgo and in opposition to Uranus. Venus/Mercury is a great time for creative arts, poetry, languages. The hard aspect of Uranus (opposition) and Venus/Mercury adds some element of change, seeking unique or peculiar expressions, may even take you off task by impatience or careless mistakes. Mercury can be attentive to details and Venus can be the sensual and relational aspects of attention and expression. Uranus can bring about the "unexpected" to these two planets.

This is a Six of Clubs day, which is a Neptune

implementation of a Saturn core.

Neptune can represent spirituality, the visionary, nebulousness, delusion,
liquids among others. Saturn can represent authority, limitations,
structure, lessons. Lookup the
mythologies of Odin and Lao-Tien-Yeh. See if any of
their stories reflect anything meaningful to you today.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 Where we've been

This past month up to the present has been extra challenging as you may have noticed. Mars and Saturn were exact conjunct around the beginning of July (9th) though you may have felt them prior to that date and afterwards. With these planets there is a tendency to feel your action is being suppressed resulting in bottled tensions/explosiveness/communication breakdowns with charged energies. Mars wants to decisively move forward and Saturn is the opposite-putting on the brakes, tending to wait, examining and making sure, and holding back action. Together, Mars/ Saturn can create a volatile opposition. Days you may have felt this the strongest were days when the Moon was most likely lighting up these planets-intensifying their qualities. As these two planets moved further from each other, Venus was moving in closer to Saturn. Saturn had a subtle yet significant effect on Venus, that is, an experience of wanting to slow down and seriously evaluate one's relationships, especially those close to you. Saturn also has the effect of tempered passions. So if you have been reassessing your relationships over the month and experiencing cooler passions, then most likely this transit was influencing you. During the last few weeks, Moon was waxing towards Full Moon (on the 16th) which gave an extra kick.
  Currently the outer slower planets, Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius and Uranus 21 degrees Pisces are squaring each other. They are not exact yet but are working on it. Uranus is the "Promethean" (Richard Tarnas author of Cosmos and Psyche) energy of change. It is either change that you are ready to use or if you have not been aware and conscious, it can come as an upset. Pluto is depth and transformation, and power. These two planets were important to revolutionary change in the sixties. It insists on deep changes. Recently these two planets were transited by Mars (in Virgo, now in Libra). This was intense when the Moon conjuncted Uranus yesterday (the 18th).  Moon conjunct Uranus-upset in emotions. This conjunct opposed Mars and squared Pluto while Mars was squaring Pluto. Mars/ Pluto is described by Richard Tarnas as the Ali -boxer/fighter energy-strong impulse. This combined with Uranus/Pluto- upsetting, deep change with Moon opposing Mars-irritation, strained relationships. As Moon pulled away from the trio of planets it was exact square Pluto sometime in the early hours of the morning. A feeling associated with this transit is feeling small, unsure of what you are doing with your life, possessiveness, and insecurities. 
There is some reprieve this evening (unless Moon is lighting up your particular Natal chart). Tomorrow Moon is squaring Jupiter. Not much in comparison to what has been happening! Remember, if you are feeling something that comes on rather suddenly, the Moon is probably sweeping over something and if you can-wait it out, within a day it will change. The Moon moves rapidly compared to the others. Also, the Moon is waning now-heading to the New Moon. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Archetypes at play

Back from a brief time away - I am starting up again, this time as a co-creation. In addition to writing about world transits, we will post the card of the day. (If you want to know what card corresponds to your birthday you can click on the link on the left titled Birthcards.) We will be referring to information on the link under Birthcards titled "card spreads."  If you look at that chart, each card is in a row and column. The planet that delineates the column is considered the "core" archetypal influence of that card. The planet that is associated with the row would be how that core is expressed. For instance a King of Hearts on the chart is in the Mercury column and Mars row. At the core of the King of Hearts are the archetypal characteristics of Mercury (the communicator, sharp with details, and sometimes the trickster). Mars will be the way those attributes are expressed - Mars is action oriented, take charge, forward moving, the warrior. For the blog, cards will be used for the day to describe likely influences.
More to come later.