Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31 2010

We will be taking a (busy) hiatus, see the Astro links under "bloggerific" below left, to keep up with what's happening in that realm of Archetypal Languages.

The Birthcard today is the 9 of Clubs, a Venus expression of a Saturn core with a Queen of Hearts inside and a 6 of Diamonds outside. 9Cs include William Howard Taft, Ken Wilber whether he likes it or not, Tony Robbins, George McGovern, Gloria Swanson, George Patton, Redd Foxx, Joan Collins, Vikki Carr, Albert King, Samuel Goldwyn, Zane Grey, Edward Murrow, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Lindz Lawlor, Valerie Innes, Mae West, Artie Shaw, Jonathan Winters, Jane Russell, Kirk Douglas, Kurt Vonnegut, Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino, Guglielmo Marconi, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan 30 2010

We will be taking a (busy) hiatus, see the Astro links under "bloggerific" below left, to keep up with what's happening in that realm of Archetypal Languages.

The Birthcard today is the 10 of Clubs, a Solar expression of a Mars core and some flexibility to experience a Venus or Mercury core with a Jack of Spades inside and a 4 of Spades outside. 10Cs include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Robert Frost, Phil Collins, Jack Abramoff, Paul Krugman, John Glenn, Linus Pauling, Steven Chu, Diego Rivera, Nelson Mandela, Dick Gregory, Ivan Pavlov, Leonard Nimoy, Flip Wilson, Eydie Gorme, Sammy Davis Jr. , Richard Dawkins, Red Skelton, Zero Mostel, Erica Jong, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Joseph Campbell, Shirley MacLaine, Dick Cheney as a representative of the dark side of the force, and rumor has it, Martin Luther.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 2010 Full Moon

We will be taking a (busy) hiatus, see the Astro links under "bloggerific" below left, to keep up with what's happening in that realm of Archetypal Languages.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Clubs, a Uranus expression of a Venus core, with a Jack of Diamonds inside and a 10 of Hearts outside. JCs include James Buchanan, William McKinley, Thomas Paine, Rahm Emanuel, Julia Child, Spiro Agnew, Walter Reed, Art Linkletter, Ralph Nader, John Steinbeck, Napoleon Bonaparte, Oprah, Susie Bright, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt, Max Planck, Rudolph Steiner, Sergei Prokofieff, Raymond Burr, Lou Gerhig, Howard Cosell, Jim Fixx, Phyllis Diller, Fats Waller, Guy Lombardo, Mel Torme, Aretha Franklin, Shirley Temple, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Paula Abdul, whether they know it or not.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28 2010

We will be taking a (busy) hiatus, so here are Astro links to keep up with what's happening in that realm of Archetypal Languages:

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The Birthcard today is the Queen of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Mars core, with a 3 of Hearts inside and a 10 of Diamonds outside. QCs include
Michael Bolton, Ira Gershwin, Andrew Mellon, Robert Novak, Nikolai Lenin, H. L. Mencken, Immanual Kant, Arthur Laffer, Jack Nicholson, Jesse Owens, Will Ferrell, Ginger Rogers, Dave Brubeck, Minnie Ripperton, James Stewart, Aaron Spelling, Cher, Nicolas Sarkozy, Charles Mingus, Jonhhy Cash, Jackie Gleason, Alan Alda, Paul McCartney, and rumor has it, Socrates.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 27 2010

Moon at home in the constellation of Cancer will be trine Jupiter exact at 9:36 am PST, opposite Pluto exact at 12:56 pm PST, sextile Vesta exact at 1:16 pm PST, and square Saturn exact at 1:20 pm PST. Later in the evening, Moon will be inconjunct The Sun. Possible analogy is a day that starts out with clear, blue skies, then the barometer starts falling, and rather than storming, the weather is just grey, blah. Be aware of arrogance as a cover for feeling vulnerable.

The Birthcard today is the King of Clubs, a double Uranus with a 2 of Spades inside and an 8 of Spades outside. KCs include Keith Olbermann, Martin Van Buren, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Leon Trotsky, John Lennon, George Harrison, Marie Curie, Chaka Khan, John Muir, Erich Fromm, Pierre Simon Laplace, Hedy Lamarr, Ric Ocasek, Walt Disney, Barry Manilow, Arianna Huffington, Enrico Caruso, Alfred Hitchcock, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Gary Stadler, Igor Stravinsky, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jesse Ventura, General Custer, Billy Graham, James "J Bob Dobbs" Dobson, and rumor has it, Rembrandt.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26 2010

Boys and Girls (and other permutations) as Venus is opposite Mars exact today. Moon in Gemini was trine Lilith Moon overnight, and starts off the day sextile Juno. A good start, and likely morphing into a mixed message with Moon square Uranus, trine Chiron, and ending trine Neptune at 10:33 pm PST when she goes Moon Void of Course overnight. Self value, what is it, and how to transcend egocentricity? A strong will, self identity is a good thing, but be aware of the lure of shiny things today.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Neptune core, with a 2 of Diamonds inside and an Ace of Hearts outside. ADs include Marcel Marceau, George Soros, Angela Davis, Ray Conniff, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Paul Hogan, Lionel Hampton, Cecil B. DeMille, Sigourney Weaver, Paul Newman, Ellen DeGeneres, Arnold Palmer, Steve Jobs, Maria Shriver, John Phillip Sousa, William Shatner, Ingmar Bergman, Bertrand Russell, Eddie Rickenbacker, Karl Malden, Chevy Chase, Dennis Kucinich, Francisco Franco, Juan Peron, Gerald R. Ford, and rumor has it, Marcus Antonius.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25 2010

Moon in Gemini starts off the day square Jupiter and will be making a grand trine with Saturn and Sun/Venus today. More traditional mores will likely be in the forefront today. Just to offset any good vibes, Moon will be square Vesta, and will be inconjunct Pluto mid-day, and inconjunct Mercury late in the evening. But, any WTFs later in the day will have a nudge of Moon sextile Mars and trine Lilith Moon later in the evening to do something about whatever might be frustrating.

The Birthcard for today is the 2 of Diamonds, a Mars expression of a Saturn core with a 6 of Clubs inside and an Ace of Diamonds outside. 2Ds include Vandana Shiva, Corazon Aquino, Viktor Yushchenko, Jose Silva, Benjamin Disraeli, Anna Freud, Desmond Tutu, Modest Mussorgsky, Rosie O'Donnell, Hugh Grant, Art Garfunkel, Enya, Harrison Ford, Xaviera Hollander, Courtney Cox, Peter Fonda, Daryl Hannah, Jayne Mansfield, Mike Douglas, Dudley Moore, Taj Mahal, Johannes Gutenberg, Jean Fourier, Leo Tolstoy, Neils Bohr, Ole Evinrude, Trent Reznor, Andy Williams, and Howard Jones.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan 24 2010

Moon in Taurus will be sextile Uranus exact at 4:25 pm PST, square Chiron exact at 5:42 pm PST, and square Neptune exact at 7:03 pm PST when she goes Moon Void of Course for the rest of the evening. Be cautious of self-medication today in particular. Change may be in the air, but tradition may well hold the structure to launch that change. Boy-girl (and other permutations) stuff is likely heating up, however just chill, reschedule that first date for some other evening.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Diamonds, a Mercury expression of a Uranus core, with a 6 of Hearts inside and a Queen of Diamonds outside. 3Ds include George Washington, Herbert Hoover, John Belushi, Sid Caesar, Milton Berle, Peter Sellers, Carl Reiner, Henry Fonda, Cheryl Ladd, Neil Diamond, Liberace, Andrew Wyeth, Oral (!) Roberts, Christine McVie, Bill Cosby, Drew Barrymore, Olney Richmond, Henry Thoreau, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Richard Simmons, Buckminster Fuller, George Westinghouse, Randolph Hearst, Walter Cronkite, Thor Heyerdahl, Paul Watson, Edward Kennedy, Fred Rogers, Rick Moranis, Pierce Bronsan, and rumor has it, King Richard and Julius Caesar.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23 2010 Moon First Quarter

Moon in Taurus was inconjunct Saturn but also making a grand trine with Pluto and Vesta just before Dawn. Off to a good start, an embrace with depth will likely be a sufficiently large enough space to hold any WTFs. Continuing, she will be square Venus exact at 8:36 am PST, trine Mercury exact at 2:07 pm PST, and square Mars exact at 7:03 pm PST. A good day for writing. With Mars (in retrograde) and Venus entering into the orb of opposite, sensuality, sexuality, boy/girl (and other permutations) is likely to replace the simpler Moon/Mars annoyance that would otherwise be the story. Today is a particularly good day to have a stable look at who and what we value and love.

The Birthcard today is the 4 of Diamonds, a Neptune expression of a Venus core, with a 5 of Spades inside and a 5 of Hearts outside. 4D incarnations include Antonio Villaraigosa, Michael Dukakis, John Hancock, Chester Arthur, John Quincy Adams, Jake Steinfeld, David Geffen, Pierre Currie, Nikita Khrushchev, Connie Stevens, Richard Tarnas, Ornette Coleman, J. P. Morgan Jr. , Vincenzo Bellini, Brian Eno, Woody Allen, Charles Bronson, John Wanamaker, Ursula Andress, Sybil Leek, William Butler Yeats, James Clerk Maxwell, and rumor has it, Avogadro.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22 2010

On the third and last palindrome day this month, Moon finishes up in Aries sextile Chiron then sextile Neptune at 11:47 am PST when she goes Void of Course for most to the day. Skip that power lunch today. The mojo will return later. At 8:39 pm PST Moon "enters" Taurus and will be sextile Jupiter exact at 10:51 pm PST. Except for most of the day being Moon Void of Course, likely a bit more harmonious and with more curiosity than yesterday.

Imagine a world reaching the critical mass of awakened humanity:
It is worth repeating that one reason Astrology and other deterministic Archetypal Languages "work", or to put it another way, the experiences of psyche correlate with what is largely unseen, is because the critical mass of humanity is still unconscious, following the dynamics of the Cosmos (physically and non-physically) much as collections of unconscious (relatively speaking) particles follow the laws of mechanics or Physics, PV equals nRT. We get to wake up.

he Birthcard today is the 5 of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Neptune core, with a 9 of Diamonds inside and a 3 of Clubs outside. 5D incarnations include
Neil Bush, GHW Bush, Joseph Kennedy, Sam Cooke, Pancho Villa, John Calvin, Wilbur Wright, James Polk, Warren Harding, Grover Cleveland, Rutherford B. Hayes, Andy Warhol, Charlton Heston, Nikola Tesla, Bobby Darin, Daniel Boone, Patty Hearst, Ivana Trump, Buster Keaton, Charles Chaplin, Burt Lancaster, Peter Graves, Dusty Springfield, Sidney Poitier, Dustin Hoffman, David Brinkley, Edgar Cayce, Henry Mancini, Herbie Mann, Marie Antoinette, and rumor has it, Saint Francis of Assisi.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21 2010

Moon in Aries will be sextile Lilith Moon exact at 11:08 am PST, trine Mars exact at 12:02 pm PST, and conjunct Juno exact at 1:03 pm PST. Saturn is trine Venus/Sun and square Pluto/Mercury. Responsibility in values is a likely theme today. Yet another mixed message time. Some harmony from the Moon next to Juno and trine Mars, but there is a major Solar Storm buffeting the Earth, so hang tight and be good to yourself and others.

The Birthcard today is the 6 of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Mercury core, with a 9 of Clubs inside and a 3 of Spades outside. 6Ds include Geena Davis, Paul Allen, Larry Flynt, Christian Dior, Richard Strauss, Carrie Prejean, Courtney Love, Seal, Arthur Koestler, Emma Watson, Gore Vidal, Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Cindy Crawford, Bob Newhart, Mata Hari, Stevie Wonder, John Paul Rosenberg aka Werner Erhard, Jeanette Rankin, Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, Thomas Wolfe, Raquel Welch, Freddie Mercury, and rumor has it Copernicus.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20 2010

A case of the Mondays on Wednesday: Moon starts off the day Void of Course, so lay off the extra coffee unless you want an extra kick when Moon "enters" Aries at 10:36 am PST. Moon will be sextile The Sun exact at 11:54 am PST, sextile Venus exact at 4:37 pm PST, square Pluto exact at 6:32 pm PST, and opposite Saturn exact at 7:42 pm PST. A bit squidgy in the morning, and mixed messages later on. Venus will be prominent, aesthetics, beauty; but with Saturn/Pluto adding a twist of repression, struggle, upheaval, loneliness, smallness. Dark Polyanna, or maybe Artzybasheff for visuals and Rachmaninoff for music. This is the final stiction day of Mercury, so again, it is up to us to find and/or create the coherence, the Light, the upper path.

The Birthcard of the day is the 7 of Diamonds, a double Venus with a "veiled" double Saturn inside and outside. 7D incarnations include George Carlin, John D. Rockefeller, Yogi Berra, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Matt Dillon, Yoko Ono, Beyonce, Mohandas Gandhi, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Charles Schwab, Federico Fellini, Graucho Marx, Megan Fox, Pat Nixon, Lucille Ball, Amber Lee Ettinger, Farley Mowat, Henny Youngman, Jerry Lewis, Julie Christie, Paul Begala, Judy Garland, F. Lee Bailey, James Madison, Rex Reed, George Burns, and Rumor has it, Paganini.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19 2010

Moon in Pisces is sextile/trine the north/south node axis, and travels over to conjunct Uranus exact at 10:06 pm PST when she goes Void of Course till mid tomorrow morning. So, in the midst of the continuing Saturn/Pluto square and final days of Mercury stiction days, we have a bit of a respite today. A potential for feeling ok, even shining a bit. Beware of materialism however, shiny things more often distract from than enhance the deeper feelings.

Semantics and nomenclature: the language is full of implications that may or may not be true, such as "influences", and this blog is not innocent of such slips of the tongue. Really, the heavenly bodies probably have no more influence on Earthly affairs than a clock on the wall (or on one's wrist) influences the flow of time. More likely, they correlate with such events. It is quite likely we live in a synchronistic Universe. It is possible that the belief in cause/effect is an artifact, or illusion of limited perspective. Stick around, let's find out. So, no matter what wording is used, the intent here is to imply correlation between events, with the patterns in the sky being a grand mirror to our experience, hopefully illuminating the interconnectedness of all things.

The Birthcard today is the 8 of Diamonds, a crown card with a Jupiter core, with a Queen of Spades inside and a 7 of Clubs outside. 8Ds include Salvador Dali, Jimmy Carter, Neil Armstrong, Marc Chagall, Vladimir Horowitz, Paris Hilton, Arne Lein, Edgar Allan Poe, Dolly Parton, Fabio Lanzoni, Al Green, Sly Stone, Julie Andrews, Ringo Starr, Thomas Jefferson, Janis Joplin, Robert Heinlein, James Brown, Gustav Mahler, Cole Porter, Walter Matthau, Martha Quinn, Jim Jeffords, and Andrew Jackson, and rumor has it Peter the Great.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18 2010

Moon in Pisces, her home away from home, will be inconjunct Saturn this morning, then sextile exact at 6:15 am PST, opposite Vesta exact at 10:03 am PST, and sextile Mercury exact at 10:48 am PST. As Mercury pulls away from conjunct Pluto, Moon gives a harmonious nudge to deeper inquiries. Maybe some WTF about restrictions/limitations, possible tension of/about home that will pass later in the day. Today, values may be of importance, possibly a give and take along the lines of disappointment versus universality. What are your ideals?

The Birthcard today is the 9 of Diamonds, a Uranus implementation of a Mars core, with a Queen of Diamonds inside and a 5 of Diamonds outside. 9Ds include Barack Obama, David Letterman, Albert Einstein, John Paul Jones, Merv Griffin, David Letterman, Nancy Davis Reagan, C. W. Leadbetter, Eckhart Tolle, Lisa Gerrard, Fred Astaire, Quincy Jones, Billy Crystal, Danny Kaye, Ray Dolby, Cleveland Amory, Tom Clancy, Janet Leigh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Cary Grant, Frida Kahlo, Salma Hayek, Oliver Hardy, Sylvester Stallone, Dubya, Francis Crick, and both Bono and Sonny Bono.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17 2010

Moon finishes in Aquarius, sweeping conjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. There is an oddball Moon Void of Course today, somewhat analogous to the old gag of pulling the chair out from under someone about to sit on it. After Moon conjuncts Neptune at 12:23 pm PST, expecting to conjunct Jupiter before leaving Aquarius, Jupiter moves into Pisces leaving Moon Void till 10:17 pm PST when she "enters" Pisces. Jupiter is not usually considered to be a trickster, but today only, special, just for you. Really, a good day to finish things up, tie up loose ends, just chill, reminisce about childhood, go see an Arthouse flick. There may be a touch of grandiosity today, great for ideas and ideals, but not so good for lunch. Don't eat more than you can lift.

The Birthcard of today is the 10 of Diamonds, a double Jupiter, with a Queen of Clubs inside and a Queen of Spades outside. 10Ds include The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Ben Franklin, P. T. Barnum, Martha Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Art Pepper, Francoise Hardy, Percival Lowell, Phil McGraw, Zooey Deschanel, Andy Kaufman, Jessica Tandy, Paul Gaugin, Lily Tomlin, Huey Lewis, Tony Bennett, Al Jaffee, Candice Bergen, Tom Jones, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Jim Carrey, Jane Seymour, Percival Lowell, Douglas Hofstadter, Sammy Kaye, and rumor has it, Galileo.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 16 2010

Moon in Aquarius will be sextile Juno exact at 7:46 am PST, conjunct Lilith Moon exact at 9:32 am PST and opposite Mars exact at 3:13 pm PST. By themselves, Moon opposite Mars correlate(s) with annoyance; but the trine/sextiles built in with Lilith Moon and Juno would point towards perspective in relationship with the Cosmos, and in relationship with each other, but with a bit of go-juice. There may be a creative, playful, eclectic vibe in the aethers today, a positive implementation of the trickster would be a good thing. Again, perspective: do keep a balance between the material and the spiritual; both are important values to the human experience.

The Birthcard of the day is the Jack of Diamonds, a Uranus implementation of a Neptune core, with a 3 of Spades inside and a Jack of Clubs outside. Rube Goldberg, Mojo Nixon, Samuel Hahnemann, Ann Landers, Abigail Van Buren, Kirk Kerkorian, Edmund Wilson, Jack Kerouac, Ethel Merman, Liza Minnelli, Omar Sharif, Kate Moss, Harry Truman, Don Rickles, Aram Khachaturian, Sade, Keith Jarrett, Max Von Sydow, Joseph Pulitzer, Jane Roberts, Louis Armstrong, Gina Lollobrigida, Peter O'Toole, Pushkin, and Krishnamurti share this Birthcard.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 2010

Moon starts out the day Void of Course, and before she "enters" Aquarius at 9:17 am PST, Mercury will have gone direct. Moon will be trine Saturn exact at 6:43 pm PST, inconjunct Vesta later, and in the orb of sextile Juno overnight. We may feel a bit of an emotional turmoil during the day, but also a whew sensation of Mercury going direct. There are still about a week of stiction days associated with Mercury, so don't hatch your counts before they chicken (or something like that) just yet.What do you truly Value?

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Mercury core, with a 3 of Diamonds inside and a 9 of Diamonds outside. Bill Moyers, Douglas Adams, Captain Beefheart, Gene Krupa, Kim Novak, W. C. Fields, Dave Barry, Dom DeLuise, Lloyd Bridges, Eva Peron, Peter Gabriel, Tom Stoppard, Nina Hartley, Franz Kafka, Yves Saint Laurent, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Zucker, Laura Branigan, Pancho Villa, Jerry Springer, Chris Lugar, Lisa Loeb, Paul Anka, Thelma Houston, Jerry Garcia, Aristotle Onassis, Eva Peron, Martin Luther King, Coolio, Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky share this Birthcard, along with Adam Smith, Edward Teller, Antonin Scalia, Tom Cruise, and Rupert Murdoch.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14 2010 New Moon; Solar Eclipse

Moon in Capricorn starts out the day inconjunct Mars, and will meander towards sextile Uranus exact at 8:09 pm PST, then conjunct The Sun, exact at 11:11 pm PST. You may read what you wish into the significance of a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11:11. Possibility of WTF in the morning, and mellower later in the day. Anything stagnant will likely be easier to get moving over the next couple of days. Not effortless, just relatively easier. Values, material and spiritual may demand attention; love is not the question, it is the answer in case we momentarily forget.

The Birthcard today is the King of Diamonds, a Mars expression of a Venus core with a 3 of Clubs inside and a 7 of Spades outside. KDs include Kofi Aannan, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Albert Schweitzer, Faye Dunaway, Rudolph Valentino, Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney, Bar Rafaeli, Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, Julian Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Pierre Cardin, Emily Watson, Orson Welles, Christina Ricci, Franz Kafka, Ray Manzarek, Seymour Hersh, Harriet Tubman, and Vicente Fox.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 2010

Moon in Capricorn starts off the day Square Saturn exact at 6:10 am PST, conjunct Mercury, exact at 8:42 am PST, trine Vesta shortly after, and square Juno exact at 4:49 pm PST. Saturn goes Retrograde (from our perspective, at least) today through early June. Possibility of heaviness, but with depth, "stick to itness" today. The challenge is to not be indifferent to emotions, but also not be swept up in them. This may be somewhat frustrated by a hint of stubbornness in the air.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Spades, the Card of the Magi, a Mercury expression of a Neptune core, with a 7 of Hearts inside and 2 of Clubs outside. Karl Marx, Jerry Brown, Charles Fourier, Michael Palin, Gurdjieff, Stanislav Grof, Michael Murphy, Chris Griscom, Dan Aykroyd, Billie Holiday, Allen Ginsberg, Sonny Parker, Sheryl Crow, Twyla Tharp, Ornette Coleman, David Sanborn, Freddie Hubbard, Sydney Pollack, Estee Lauder, Leslie Nielsen, Chuck Barris, Janis Ian, Deborah Harry, John Oates, Ravi Shankar, William Wordsworth, Eva Gabor, Pamela Anderson, Yuri Gagarin, Daniel Ellsberg, and Jennifer Aniston are a cast of characters who share this Birthcard, and at least one of them knows it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 2010

Moon in Sagittarius starts off the day square Uranus, exact at 7:52 am PST while sweeping sextile the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. The sweep ends at 6:43 pm PST with Moon sextile Jupiter, then Moon goes Void of Course till 8:54 pm PST when she "enters" Capricorn. Moon will be giving a kick to the Pluto T-square by the early pre-dawn hours of tomorrow. Another night to pay attention to your dreams. Some good news about the Venus/Sun conjunct here. One might expect this to be a reasonably harmonious day, however there may be a bit of an edge in the aethers. Mercury will be past the stiction days in a bit over a week.

The Birthcard today is the 2 of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Mars core, with a 6 of Spades inside and a King of Clubs outside. 2Ss include Kreskin, Roberta Flack, Jeff Bezos, Kristie Alley, Howard Stern, Francis Moore Lappe, Johnny Weissmuller, George Duke, Dana Carvey, Pia Zadora, Ram Dass, Ron Carter, Heather Mills, Mark Spitz, Melanie Chrisholm, Alex Comfort, Andre Previn, Audrey Hepburn, Laura Dern, Gary Numan, Marilu Henner, and rumor has it, Marquis de Sade.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11 2010

Moon in Sagittarius starts off the day trine Juno, actually before the crack of Dawn, and will be trine Mars exact at 5:48 pm PST. Mercury in Retrograde is "backing up" into the orb of conjunct Pluto. Venus, The Sun, and north node are in a tight triple conjunction. Probability of deep conversations, inquiries, even to the point of obsession. Were it not for Mercury Retrograde, particularly in the stiction days now, today would be a quite spiffy day. Harmony, aesthetics, flow in getting things done, just stuck and miscommunicated at this time. It is a good day to grab life by the whatever you grab it by, and make some decisions that may have been teetering on the edge.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Spades, a Saturn implementation of a Jupiter core, with a 6 of Diamonds inside and a Jack of Diamonds outside. 3Ss include a creative mix of characters: Alexander Hamilton, Albert Hofmann, Ivan Dryer, Arthur Hailey, Heidi Klum, Wilhelm Maybach, Alice Walker, Golda Meir, Jim Webb, Wanda Skyes, Pete Seeger, Alanis Morissette, Morgan Freeman, Michael Eisner, Lee Ritenour, Peter Wolf, Mia Farrow, Maurice Ravel, Carole King, Naomi Judd, Brigham Young, Harry Houdini, Bette Davis, James Brown, Frankie Valli, Reverend Ike, Marilyn Monroe, and rumor has it, Raphael.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10 2010

Moon finishes up in Scorpio with a square of Jupiter at 7:02 am PST and goes Void of Course till 10:10 am PST when she "enters" Sagittarius (10:10 on 1/10/10). You may read whatever you want into that, but ancient scriptures suggest that today would be a good day to not go to church. Moon will be sextile Saturn exact at 7:07 pm PST and will be trine Juno and square Vesta overnight. With some relief for/of/from the Saturn/Juno part of the Pluto T-square, there may be a more stable underpinning today than yesterday, possibly a bit too rigid, but useful if tenacity is called for. Notice the themes of your dreams tonight.

The Birthcard of the day is the 4 of Spades, a Jupiter expression of a Venus core, with a 10 of Clubs inside and a 4 of Hearts outside. 4Ss amongst us in body and memory include Jules Verne, Benjamin Spock, Joseph McMoneagle, Rod Stewart, Lana Turner, David Gilmour, Max Roach, Pat Benatar, Jim Croce, Robert Reiner, Anthony Perkins, Maya Angelou, Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Masakela, Bianca Jagger, Wes Montgomery, Nick Nolte, Bing Crosby, Arthur Murray, Ed McMahon, James Dean, Alan Greenspan, Ivan Boesky, and rumor has it, Cyrano de Bergerac.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9 2010

Venus is conjunct The Sun; and both are inconjunct Mars, so don't make any life changing moves in the boy/girl (or other permutations) arena just yet. Moon in Scorpio will be square Mars exact at 9:24 am PST, sextile Venus exact at 1:17 pm PST, sextile The Sun exact at at 2:26 pm PST, trine Uranus exact at 9:28 pm PST, and begins a sweep square of the (now spreading) Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio overnight. Also, sextile/trine the north/south node axis. So, not so much a mixed message day, as a potential roller coaster day. If you don't like the mood, wait a bit. Possible annoyance in the morning, then a couple or few ups and downs as the day unfolds.

The Birthcard today is the 5 of Spades, a Venus expression of a Mars core with a 10 of Hearts inside and a 4 of Diamonds outside. Richard Nixon, Sinclair Lewis, Jane Goodall, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Wayne Newton, Eddie Izzard, Marlon Brando, Emo Philips, Buster Crabbe, Dick Sutphen, Alec Baldwin, Dorin Day, Shirley Horn, Eva Mendes, Glenn Ford, Rita Coolidge, Rex Harrison, and Eddie Murphy are quite a cast of characters sharing this Birthcard.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8 2010

Moon in Scorpio will be sextile Pluto exact at 8:33 am PST, inconjunct Juno in the afternoon, and sextile Mercury exact at 6:26 pm PST. Also, Moon will be making a mini-grand trine with Vesta and Mercury. Possibly a bit mysterous today. Articulation, communication, feelings about home may run strong with a surprising "should I stay or should I go" theme wafting in and out of the periphery.

The Birthcard today is the Six of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Uranus core, with a Nine of Spades inside and a Two of Spades outside. Incarnations expressing through this Card include David Bowie, Soupy Sales, Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, Larry Coryell, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Barbara DeAngelis, Babe Ruth, Stephen Hawking, Bobby Womack, Graham Chapman, Bob Eubanks, Alec Guiness, Emmylou Harris, Rip Torn, Leon Russell, Hans Christian Andersen, Natalie Cole, Bob Marley, and Marvin Gaye, whether they know/knew it or not.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7 2010 Moon last quarter

Moon in Libra was sextile Mars a bit before dawn, and will be inconjunct Uranus this afternoon, also sweeping trine the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio in the evening, going Void of Course at 10:07 pm PST. Moon will also be square the north/south node axis. Yet another mixed message day likely, with a bit of an edge, some uncertainty about change, yet harmony available to soothe any edge and uncertainty.

The Birthcard today is the mystical Seven of Spades, a Uranus implementation of a Jupiter core, with a King of Diamonds inside and an Eight of Hearts outside.
Nicolas Cage, Ali MacGraw, Kenny Loggins, Katie Couric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alexander Graham Bell, William S. Burroughs, Gill Scott-Heron, Abraham Maslow, David Spangler, Rachael Maddow, and the master of capitalism Charles Ponzi all share this Birthcard. Notice the contrast of the last two, one exposes mysteries lucidly, the other was good at keeping mysteries for a while.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6 2010

Moon in Libra was emphasizing the Pluto/Saturn/Juno T-square overnight and into early morning, and will be square Mercury exact at 4:40 pm PST. Possible edge between thought and feeling, but with Moon also trine Lilith Moon, perspective is also available. Notice contrasts, balance along with that perspective today in particular.

Today's Birthcard is the Eight of Spades, a Jupiter implementation of a Saturn core, with a King of Clubs inside and a Six of Clubs outside. Mikhail Gorbachev, Alan Watts, Kahlil Gibran, Rosa Parks, Nick Park, Syd Barrett, Dr. Seuss, Zig Ziglar, John DeLorean, Rowan Atkinson, Tom Wolfe, Sun Myung Moon, Alice Cooper, Kitaro, Lou Reed, John Lilly, Karen Carpenter, and famous speller Dan Quayle all share this Birthcard, whether they know it or not.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 5 2010

Moon finishes up in Virgo opposite Uranus exact at 9:24 am PST, and then sweeps inconjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. Most calendars put Moon Void of Course starting at 9:24 am PST, but there may be a lingering effect till 4:30 pm PST of the trio sweep. Regardless, that transit is a bit of a WTF, so today is likely best a chill day, except for those who don't pay attention to such things; for them it will likely be a WTF day. Moon will "enter" Libra in search of balance at 8:58 pm PST. She may not find it initially, as she will be conjunct Saturn, square Pluto, and opposite Juno overnight and into early tomorrow morning. This would be a particularly good day to do or view Art as a good venue for some possible angst. Go see an Arthouse flick, or look at music videos on youtube.

The Birthcard of this day is the Nine of Spades, a Venus expression of a Uranus core with a King of Hearts inside and a Six of Spades outside. This is the "ring-pass-not" Card of transformation.
Yogananda, Chopin, Jean Dixon, Morgan Fairchild, Dirk Benedict, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Javier Bardem, Glenn Miller, Dave Davies, Gertrude Stein, Norman Rockwell, David Niven, Diane Keaton, Harry Belafonte, Henry Heimlich, Walter Mondale, Ron Howard all share this Birthcard along with the quintessential Nine of Spades: Marilyn Manson.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4 2010

Mercury in the middle of retrograde is "backing up" across The Sun as Venus approaches, so we have potential for a very Artsy, Aesthetic time over the next couple of days. Moon in Virgo was lighting up the Juno/Vesta inconjunction at the crack of dawn, so do be patient with each other this morning, particularly as we are right in the middle of Merc Rx. Unresolved stuff, WTF, the usual handful of baggage may stir the pot. The good news is that Moon will be sweeping trine the Venus/Sun/Mercury trio this afternoon, correlating with harmony in the realms of feeling, expression, aesthetics on a background of more solid knowing.

The Birthcard today is the Ten of Spades, a Mercury expression of a Jupiter core, with a Four of Hearts inside and a Queen of Hearts outside. Incarnations include James Joyce, Isaac Newton, Dyan Cannon, Frank Wess, Farah Fawcett, Stan Getz, John McLaughlin, Shakira, Graham Nash, Christie Brinkley, Charles Wagner, Jane Wyman, and Tommy Smothers.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 3 2010

Moon finishes up in Leo at the focal point of a YOD pattern, inconjunct Uranus, inconjunct the north node; then sweeping opposite the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio ending at 1:55 pm PST when she goes Void of Course. Moon "enters" Virgo at 6:52 pm PST. Possibility of a bit of the trickster in the air today. A good afternoon to chill and/or catch an Arthouse flick. Strong feelings likely in the first part of the day, "where's the mojo" in the afternoon, then seeking depth in the evening. In seeking that depth, let go of needs to resolve the seemingly unresolvable for today at least.

The Birthcard of today is the Jack of Spades, a Mars expression of a Uranus core, with a Seven of Clubs inside and a Ten of Clubs outside. J. R. R. Tolkien, Jeane Dixon, Terry Jones, Gordon Moore, Mel Gibson, Joe Sample, Victoria Principal, Ron Howard, Roger Daltrey, Brandon Lee, Lisa Marie Presley, and Stephen Stills all share this Birthcard, whether they know it or not.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 2 2010

Moon in Leo will be trine Juno at the crack of Dawn, then inconjunct Venus and The Sun this morning, and much later will be conjunct Mars, exact at midnight PST. Likely mixed messages of needing to take charge (more of the Mom type than the Dad type of being in charge), and feeling it should be more effortless, morphing to WTF, and later annoyance, short fuses. Uncertainty may best be alleviated by standing firmly on the ground today in particular.

The Birthcard of today is the Queen of Spades, a Uranus implementation of a Mercury core, with a Ten of Diamonds inside and an Eight of Diamonds outside. Rare as this Birthcard is, here are incarnations expressing through it, knownst or unbeknownst to the characters invloved: Cuba Gooding, Tia Carrere, Lynda Barry, Barry Goldwater, Kate Bosworth, Isaac Asimov, and as shining examples of the shadow side: Jim Bakker and Dennis Hastert.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan 1 2010

After a rather spectacular Blue, Eclipse Full Moon for NYE, the first day year starts off a bit subdued. Those who did not heed yesterdays advice to bring in the new year with a clear head may be having worse than usual hangovers today, feeling the distinct lack of mojo that correlates with Moon Void of Course. Moon will have finished up in Cancer overnight, passing the south node, trining Uranus, and sweeping inconjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio before going Void of Course at 7:43 am PST. An alternate school of thought holds that Moon inconjunct Jupiter at 1:09 pm PST would be when Moon Void of Course actually starts, but that is not exactly a high mojo transit, so really, today is best for just chilling. Moon "enters" Leo in search of nice kitty at 6:41 pm PST, and will be inconjunct Pluto, trine Juno, and sextile Saturn overnight. Slightly happier, but slightly more confused tonight, after a day of "where's the mojo", with a paradoxical sense of solidity or gravitas likely.

The Birthcard today is the King of Spades, a Crown/Solar expression of a Jupiter core, one of the three source cards that is the same inside as outside. Do not mess with the King. The EURO (currency), Jaco Pastorius, Elin Nordegren, Jon Corzine, Xavier Cugat, Country Joe McDonald, Selita Ebanks, Barry Goldwater, and J. Edgar Hoover are all incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.