Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13 2009

Moon finishing up in Aquarius sweeps conjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio "exact" between 7 and 8 am PDT, is trine Vesta exact at 9:15 am PDT, is square Mercury exact at 2:04 pm PDT when she goes briefly Moon Void of Course till 2:32 pm PDT. Then she enters Pisces, her Home away from Home where she will be sextile Pluto exact at 6:57 pm PDT. This is possibly a "dig in your heels and move in spite of circumstances" kind of day. Childhood memories may surface, but with a bit of an edge, as to how we could do things better; and later in the day deeper, almost spiritual inclinations may take center stage, seeking answers where superficialities just won't do.

The Birthcard today is the 4 of Diamonds, a Neptune expression of a Venus core, with a 5 of Spades inside and a 5 of Hearts outside. 4D incarnations include Antonio Villaraigosa, Jake Steinfeld, David Geffen, Richard Tarnas, Ornette Coleman, Brian Eno, William Butler Yeats, and James Clerk Maxwell.