Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14 2009

Moon in Pisces will be sextile the sex pair this morning, sextile Venus exact at 6:34 am PDT and sextile Mars exact at 10:53 am PDT; then eventually opposite Saturn exact at 9:21 pm PDT. To paraphrase a famous movie: at first there's lots of warm fuzzies then there's running and screaming. Not likely quite as dramatic today, but if you experience any uncertainty, it would be better to make decisions earlier in the day, and don't make any drastic decisions later. Wait till tomorrow and see how you feel then. If one wonders where the good vibes from the morning went, likely Moon opposite Saturn bringing fleeing depression.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Diamonds, a Mercury expression of a Uranus core, with a 6 of Hearts inside and a Queen of Diamonds outside. 3Ds include John Belushi, Neil Diamond, Oral (!) Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Edward Kennedy, Fred Rogers, Rick Moranis, and Pierce Brosnan.