Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23 2009

Moon at home in Cancer will be centering a grand kite with Mars/Venus, Saturn, and Lilith Moon; giving all you partners harmonious, practical, yet deep insights; all in the midst of the craziness. See proir posts. Timing: Moon will be sextile Saturn exact at 11:43 am PDT, sextile Mars exact at 1:01 pm PDT, and sextile Venus exact at 2:16 pm PDT. There may also be a bit of the melancholy genius in the air today. Remember that genius is not nececarily smarts, nor craftiness, nor cunning; but the ability to see similarities in disparate domains ahead of the crowd and make meaningful connections. Seeing the obvious.

Today's Birthcard is the Seven of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Uranus core, with an Eight of Diamonds inside and a Jack of Spades outside. Bill Clinton, Oscar Wilde, Whoopi Goldberg, Orville Wright, Keith O. Johnson, Alfred Kinsey, Sam Walton, Samuel Morse, Ernest Hemingway, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Ogden Nash, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anne Bancroft, and Robin Williams all share this Birthcard.