Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 2009

Moon in Aries was sextile Venus and square Vesta in the wee hours, and coasts idly today, leaving the other heavenly bodies to do the talking. See links and prior posts about that, says the blogger idly. Self value may be at the forefront today, what am I worth or what I am worth may be in questions or assertions. Be aware that although culture implies and implores it, shiny things are not really of value in filling the empty voids that may lurk within.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Neptune core, with a 2 of Diamonds inside and an Ace of Hearts outside. ADs include Marcel Marceau, George Soros, Angela Davis, Ray Conniff, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Paul Hogan, Lionel Hampton, Cecil B. DeMille, Paul Newman, Arnold Palmer, Steve Jobs, John Phillip Sousa, William Shatner, Ingmar Bergman, Bertrand Russell, Eddie Rickenbacker, Karl Malden, Chevy Chase, Dennis Kucinich, Francisco Franco, Juan Peron, Gerald R. Ford, and rumor has it, Marcus Antonius.