Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 2009

Moon in Capricorn starts the day opposite Mercury exact at 6:35 am PDT, and opposite Vesta exact at 10:03 am PDT, then off to an Eclipse Full Moon in the middle of the night, or early next morning depending on one's time zone. A pdf map is here. There may be a vibe in the air along the axis of greed/generosity; possible issues of feelings and intellect at odds, particularly over/at home. There may be some kick, restlessness, or motivation to action about home/family/childhood stuff, as Venus has pulled away from the conjunct with Mars of last Month, and Mars is still square the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. Again, the Month of July may be a time (for better or worse) of deconstructing, uncovering depth in relationships or partnerships as Juno will be square Pluto. See prior posts.

Remember, don't believe everything you read including this. What works for you, what has value? What is value to you?

The Birthcard today is the 9 of Diamonds, a Uranus implementation of a Mars core, with a Queen of Diamonds inside and a 5 of Diamonds outside. 9Ds include Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, John Paul Jones, Merv Griffin, Nancy Davis Reagan, Fred Astaire, Ray Dolby, Cleveland Amory, Tom Clancy, Janet Leigh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Cary Grant, Oliver Hardy, Muhammad Ali, Sylvester Stallone, Dubya, Francis Crick, and both Bono and Sonny Bono.