Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17 2009

Moon finishes up in Taurus today, mixed mode "speedbump" sweep sextile the Sun, Square the Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune trio, and sextile Uranus from a bit before Noon till 1:48 pm PDT whne she goes Moon Void of Course till 7:41 pm PDT. Then, she enters Gemini trine/sextile the north/south node axis, and will be sextile mercury exact at 8:18 pm PDT and sextile Juno a bit after midnight. The Moon is midpointing two trines, making two mini-grand trines --- Sun/Uranus before and Mercury/Juno after the VOC, so lots of good vibes there; innovative, communicative. In the morning, there may be a kick, or edge to the thenes associated with the continuing Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune trio: grandiose idealism for the children or something like that. With a possibly sluggish afternoon and dinner, likely a bit of a creative vibe in the air, anti-authoritarian tricksters may be at play.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Clubs, a Uranus expression of a Venus core, with a Jack of Diamonds inside and a 10 of Hearts outside. JCs include James Buchanan, William McKinley, Thomas Paine, Rahm Emanuel, Julia Child, Spiro Agnew, Walter Reed, Art Linkletter, Ralph Nader, John Steinbeck, Napoleon Bonaparte, Oprah, Susie Bright, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt, Max Planck, Rudolph Steiner, Sergei Prokofieff, Raymond Burr, Lou Gerhig, Howard Cosell, Jim Fixx, Phyllis Diller, Fats Waller, Guy Lombardo, Mel Torme, Aretha Franklin, Shirley Temple, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Paula Abdul, whether they know it or not.