Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Apr 1 2009

With Venus square Pluto and Mars opposite Saturn, be extra careful to make nice as the phrase goes. Affect regulation is paramount if you prefer bigger words. Moon finishing up in Gemini was trine Neptune at 2:03 am PDT, the traditional time for Moon Void of Course, but this blog begs to differ, in that Moon will be trine Juno, exact at 7:18 am PDT when she does indeed go Moon Void of Course briefly till 9:30 am PDT. Then it's at home with Moon in Cancer. Ahhhh. Almost. Moon will be opposite Pluto exact at 3:06 pm PDT and square Venus exact at 4:29 pm PDT, giving an extra kick to intense, transformational experiences in relationship that are Venus transiting Pluto. Change, evolution, growth and adaptation in the context of relationship are sometimes necessitated when resisted under this transit. Let go, and let's grow would be the phrase. Or, just a good day for couples therapy --- if both are willing and able to evolve.

The Birthcard today is the mystical Seven of Spades, a Uranus implementation of a Jupiter core, with a King of Diamonds inside and an Eight of Hearts outside.
7Ss include Nicolas Cage, Kenny Loggins, Katie Couric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Abraham Maslow, Gill Scott-Heron, Rachael Maddow, and the master of capitalism Charles Ponzi. Notice the contrast of the last two, one exposes mysteries lucidly, the other was good at keeping mysteries for a while.