Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11 2009

Things as they are called; meaning events, actions, happenstance, vibes --- should all be distinctly more harmonious than the last couple weeks. Moon in Scorpio will be sextile Saturn exact at 8:08 am PDT, square Jupiter exact at 5:51 pm PDT, trine Mars exact at 7:21 pm PDT, and trine Uranus at midnight. Overnight Moon will be square Chiron and Neptune, so avoid any firewater binge tonight at least. See the last few posts for non Lunar transits. There may be a flavor of introspection this morning, but not of the isolating variety, and generally a good feeling throughout the day. Possibly a seemingly quick shift from good vibes, getting things done to a bit sensitive/touchy later in the evening. That too will pass.

The Birthcard of today is the 10 of Diamonds, a double Jupiter, with a Queen of Clubs inside and a Queen of Spades outside. P. T. Barnum, Martha Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Phil McGraw, Zooey Deschanel, Andy Kaufman, Douglas Hofstadter, and Sammy Kaye are all examples of the 10 of Diamonds incarnate.