Friday, April 3, 2009

Apr 3 2009

This would be one of those mornings where there is a lack of mojo, you may desire to stay in bed just a little bit longer--- Moon is Void of Course till noon-thirty PDT today. Consuming extra caffeine will not quite hit the spot, and after noon when Moon enters Leo it will hit with an extra kick. With Mars opposite Saturn and Venus square Pluto (see prior posts), Moon trine Venus exact at 5:38 pm PDT has potential to make for a better evening. Potential. The morning may be kind of blah or bleh, but after lunch things will pick up. But there may be a tinge of a vague sense of discomfort, ill at ease, restlessness, dis-satasfaction. Be good to yourself and others.

The Birthcard today is the 5 of Spades, a Venus expression of a Mars core with a 10 of Hearts inside and a 4 of Diamonds outside.
Sinclair Lewis, Jane Goodall, Jimmy Page, Eddie Izzard, Emo Philips, Rex Harrison, and Eddie Murphy are quite a cast of characters sharing this Birthcard.