Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apr 7 2009

Mercury is sextile Neptune and Juno is sextile Pluto. Now that Moon in Virgo has swept past the final push of the Mars/Saturn oposition, we may be feeling more harmony. The next couple of days will be good for dreams, imagination, but not the best for actually doing something about them, the paradox of concrete abstractions. Through the end of April, there will likely be a nudge towards depth in relationship, but in a constructive manner, except when the Moon is hard transiting Mars or Saturn. Today, Moon will be opposite Uranus, adding a bit of excitability, impulsiveness to the mix, exact at 9:52 am PDT when traditionally Moon Void of Course starts, but Moon will be trine Vesta exact at 7:01 pm PDT when I claim Moon goes Void of Course till 8:22 pm PDT; then Moon enters Libra in search of balance and esthetics. Moon will be opposite Venus exact at 10:15 pm PDT, adding a dose of warm fuzzies to the mix.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Spades, a Mercury expression of a Neptune core, with a 7 of Hearts inside and 2 of Clubs outside. Stan Grof, Dan Aykroyd, Sydney Pollack, Chuck Barris, Ravi Shankar, Yuri Gagarin, Daniel Ellsberg, and Jennifer Aniston are a cast of characters who share this Birthcard, and at least one of them knows it.