Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb 1 2009

Do you remember any dreams from last night as Moon was sextile Neptune? Our friend the Moon will be square Mars, exact at 10:08 am PST, when she goes Moon Void of Course till 2:09 pm PST, then enters Taurus. Moon will be trine Pluto, exact at 6:17 pm PST and square Juno, exact at 10:29 pm PST. The morning may have a bit of an edge to it, be aware of disputes, edginess, excessive boldness. Wear you seatbelt. Not much mojo through lunch, good for a Sunday afternoon movie. Deep, intense emotions and passion towards dusk. Russian in a way.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Spades, a Mars expression of a Uranus core with a 7 of Clubs inside and a 10 of Clubs outside. JSs include Lisa Marie Presley, Clark Gable, Boris Yeltsin, Fritjof Capra, Brandon Lee, Victoria Principal, J R R Tolkein, Victor Borge, and Ned Lamont.