Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 25 2009

With the stellium (see last couple posts) continuing to emphasize relational stuff for lack of better words, Moon in Pisces will be sextile Vesta exact at 7:12 am PST. Probably a bit of easing on the relational tension if it has not already lifted. However, later in the day, Moon will be lighting up the Saturn/Uranus opposition, opposite Saturn exact at 5:26 pm PST and conjunct Uranus exact at 10:09 pm PST when she goes Moon Void of course till tomorrow afternoon. Likely a bit of upsetting the apple cart this evening, with not much relief tomorrow morning. The usual advice, just chill.

Speaking of Saturn, remember that those born around September, ie Virgos or anytime in the years 1955, 1984 may be feeling a bit repressed, oppressed, heavy, squishy, as Saturn in retrograde is backing up into Virgo near those Natal Suns for the prior, and near the Natal Sarturn for the latter through May 2009. Anything superficial in your life, anything non-essential, anything repressed and put off for later will likely get attention for the next few months. Saturn gets a bad rap for good reasons, but can be an ally as the stern teacher of tough love.

The Birthcard today is the King of Clubs, a double Uranus with a 2 of Spades inside and an 8 of Spades outside. KCs include
Keith Olbermann, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Chaka Khan, Ric Ocasek, Barry Manilow, Gary Stadler, Jesse Ventura, and James "J Bob Dobbs" Dobson.