Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb 13 2009

Juno is just past conjunct Jupiter, while Venus is just past sextile Mars, so likely an underlying theme about relationship over flirt and fling...just in time for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Moon in Libra will be trine Chiron exact at 2:54 pm PST, then trine Neptune exact at 7:41 pm PST, then trine Sun exact at 10:51 pm PST. By the afternoon, we may be feeling a longing to be past woundings to healing; and be dreamily idealistic, charged up with vitality in hoping to find that in time for tomorrow. Spiraling along, the Archetypes would say, do you take this baggage to be your lawfully wedded spouse...?

The number 13. Powerful fears, superstitions, taboos abound. It really is just fine as a number. The King's number for instance. Ace through King. Higher octave of 4 in numerology. Relax, don't feed the momentum of fear---we do individually and collectively make waves happen. Love has been described as resonance, a coherence between seemingly separate entities. Feed that!

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Mercury core, with a 3 of Diamonds inside and a 9 of Diamonds outside. Captain Beefheart, Lloyd Bridges, Jerry Zucker, Aristotle Onassis share this Birthcard, along with Edward Teller, Antonin Scalia, and Rupert Murdoch.