Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 3 2009

Moon in Taurus was busy last night, leaving a residual of trine Saturn and trine Mercury to offset the Moon square Neptune, exact at 7:21 am PST. Heightened sensitivity with a bit of an edge, illusions and escapism, definitely not a good day for a beer breakfast. By late afternoon and evening, better for getting things done, as Moon will be trine Mars, exact at 5:27 pm PST, then Void of Course briefly till 6:14 pm PST when she emerges into Gemini and is sextile Venus, exact at 7:38 pm PST. The snuggle/struggle paradox mentioned 2/2 last post will likely lean towards snuggle by dark-thirty. Carpe Evening!

The Birthcard of this day is the Nine of Spades, a Venus expression of a Uranus core with a King of Hearts inside and a Six of Spades outside. This is the Willie and Betty Card of transformation, as in will he make it, bet he won't, but he usually does.
Jean Dixon, Morgan Fairchild, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Walter Mondale, Henry Heimlich, Ron Howard all share this Birthcard along with the quintessential Nine of Spades: Marilyn Manson.