Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4 2009

Moon in Gemini was/is trine Jupiter at 6:08 am PST, and is sextile/trine the north/south node axis today. Moon will be trine Sun at 10:00 pm PST. All these trines are indicitave of good feelings all around; and should mellow out some of the struggle experience in relationship(s) from the Venus/Pluto square which will be exact tomorrow evening.

The Birthcard today is the Eight of Spades, a Jupiter implementation of a Saturn core, with a King of Clubs inside and a Six of Clubs outside. 8Ss include Syd Barrett, John DeLorean, Sun Myung Moon, John Lilly, Karen Carpenter, Theodor (Dr.Seuss himself) Geisel, and Rosa Parks.