Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar 1 2009

After an evening of depth and play with Moon trine Pluto last night, Moon in Taurus will be sextile Sun exact at 3:54 pm PST and square Jupiter exact at 6:19 pm PST. Both point to generally good feelings, equanimity, positive self reflection, expansive and inclusive philosophy---the only downside would be a touch of grandiosity, well intentioned of course. However, with Mercury conjunct Mars exact today--- intense, pushy intellect is also a flavor in the ethers. The salesman. Be aware of the drive of the ego not quite listening, nor taking in it's surroundings. Overnight, Moon will be conjunct Vesta and square Juno; there may be feelings associated with home/hearth/heart being either at odds, or needing resolution. Juno represents the higher octave of Venus, long term commitments; and Vesta represents the home/family/hearth. As Vesta is square Juno for the next month or so, there will likely be arousal of such issues once a week as Moon sweeps past conjunct/square/opposite either of the two. "We need to talk" "I need commitment" "where is this relationship going?" will likely be common phrases heard and hopefully discussed.

The Birthcard of this day is the Nine of Spades, a Venus expression of a Uranus core with a King of Hearts inside and a Six of Spades outside. This is the "ring-pass-not" Card of transformation. Jean Dixon, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Henry Heimlich, Ron Howard all share this Birthcard along with the quintessential Nine of Spades: Marilyn Manson.