Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mar 26 2009 New Moon

Mercury will be square Pluto till the end of the Month, can be obsessive or focused. April 1 will have an extra kick, as Venus will have retrograded into Mercury squaring Pluto. Might be a good time to take up painting to give the heavy feelings of Venus/Pluto a place to express that Venus/Mercury is needing in an Artistic sense. This would be an exercise in sensing the mood, differentiating from it, and giving it a place to express rather than destructively closer to home, as in one's relationship(s). For today, Moon in Aries was square Pluto a few hours before Dawn; be aware of power struggles as feelings, suppressed or not, may arise from the deep. Moon is conjunct Sun exact at 9:06 am PDT and conjunct Venus exact at 12:15 pm PDT. After an intense start, today would be good for new or renewed cuddles and warm fuzzies. Good for socializing, do be aware of a small potential for overindulgence.

The Birthcard today is the 10 of Clubs, a Solar expression of a Mars core and some flexibility to experience a Venus or Mercury core with a Jack of Spades inside and a 4 of Spades outside. 10Cs include
Phil Collins, Jack Abramoff, Paul Krugman, Steven Chu, Leonard Nimoy, Richard Dawkins, Erica Jong, Barbra Streisand, Joseph Campbell, and Shirley MacLaine.