Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mar 24 2009

Remember the Monty Python scene from Life of Brian where the crowd repeats in unison something like "...we should all think for ourselves..." ? Remember that.

Sun is passing conjunct Pluto, so it might be advisable to stay out of small planes for the next week or so. Vesta is sextile Uranus, so over the next couple of weeks a possibility of new ideas at home, or even of what home is, if we may end a sentence with a preposition. The triple conjunction of Juno/Chiron/Neptune was described individually rather than guessing what the combo might mean in the last post. Moon in Pisces was conjunct Mars early morning pre-dawn, a good time for it, but there may be some residual brashness or irritation. Later, in the evening, Moon will be highlighting the now loose Saturn/Uranus opposition by being opposite Saturn exact at 10:24 pm PDT. Moon conjunct Uranus will be exact tomorrow morning. In the evening there is a possibility of feeling alone, somewhat down, with the hope for something new and exciting to lift up the feelings. This will pass, as is with all Moon transits. Speaking of, Saturn is in retrograde through May, now 17 degrees Virgo; those born early-mid September may be feeling a bit of a squeeze. Saturn conjunct Sun is the great simplifier; both fulfillment and difficulty.

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Mars core, with a 3 of Hearts inside and a 10 of Diamonds outside. QCs include
Michael Bolton, Robert Novak, Arthur Laffer, Aaron Spelling, Cher, and Nicolas Sarkozy, Paul McCartney.