Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mar 15 2009

Moon in Scorpio is sextile/trine the Saturn Uranus opposition adding a potential of harmony to the upsets of the system, and opposite/square the Vesta/Juno square adding a bit of tension to feelings associated with home/hearth/family; sweeping across a cluster of heavenly bodies like so: Moon will be opposite Vesta exact at 7:16 am PDT, square Juno exact at 10:34 am PDT, trine Uranus exact at 12:17 pm PDT, square Chiron exact at 1:45 pm PDT, square Neptune exact at 4:48 pm PDT, and trine Sun exact at 5:43 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till after midnight around dark-thirty. With Moon square Neptune during this kaleidoscope day self medication is definitely not a good idea, as illusions, delusions may be particularly colorful. This is a good day to give up glue-sniffing. With Moon trine Sun there is likely good vitality, inner strength as part of the mix.

The Birthcard today is the 8 of Diamonds, a crown card with a Jupiter core, with a Queen of Spades inside and a 7 of Clubs outside. 8Ds include Paris Hilton,
Dolly Parton, Fabio Lanzoni, Al Green, Sly Stone, Martha Quinn, and Jim Jeffords, and Andrew Jackson.