Monday, March 2, 2009

Mar 2 2009

Our friend the Moon in Taurus is busy today, trine/sextile the Saturn/Uranus oppposition; and square Mars, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, who are all conjunct. Timing: Moon was trine Saturn exact at 4:43 am PST, will be square Mars exact at 7:02 am PST, square Mecury exact at 7:42 am PST, sextile Uranus exact at 10:10 am PST, square Chiron exact at 11:14 am PST, square Neptune exact at 2:43 pm PST when she goes Moon Void of Course till midnight PST. The usual VOC advice: chill in the evening, go see a good arthouse flick. With Moon's harmonious emphasis of the Saturn/Uranus opposition there may be a somewhat easier experience of the continued breaking down of old, antiquated structures. Moon's hard emphasis of Mercury and Mars (the pushy salesman combo) joining the Chiron/Neptune conjunction could be an interesting mix: we will get plenty of chances to dial in the flavor of this mix over the next few years, as the faster moving Planets aspect/transit Chiron/Neptune. Interpretations of what the Chiron/Neptune conjunction means abound, this appears to be a good one. The opinion of this one is many are making it up as they go along---Chiron was discovered in 1977, so we don't have any prior experience with this conjunction. Neptune gets a bit of a bad rap over the diffusion and delusion facets of it's character; however another view is that the spiritual side of Neptune makes the western paradigm irrelevant, exposes it's inherent delusions for what they are, Castaneda's Don Juan style. The current best guess here (subject to evolution as experience unfolds) is something along the lines of alternative healing modalities becoming less alternative over the next few years.

Today's Birthcard is the Eight of Spades, a Jupiter implementation of a Saturn core, with a King of Clubs inside and a Six of Clubs outside. Nick Park, Syd Barrett, Dr. Seuss, Zig Ziglar, John DeLorean, Sun Myung Moon, John Lilly, Karen Carpenter, and famous speller Dan Quayle all share this Birthcard, whether they know it or not.