Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 2009

Any overnight sadness, dreams or awake, was probably Moon was square Saturn in the wee hours past, around dark-thirty. Later today, Moon in Sagittarius will be square Uranus exact at 9:24 pm PDT; and will be sextile the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio exact at 8:33 pm PDT, 10:13 pm PDT, and 10:56 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of course overnight. The evening may bring good imagination and an inclination to think big with it; but beware the heavy hand of power jumping to conclusions. Sun is in the orb of square the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio and sextile Uranus over the next week or so. Likely a mix of innovation and grandiousity or delusions; the Archetypal mad scientist with a good heart.

The Birthcard today is the 8 of Diamonds, a crown card with a Jupiter core, with a Queen of Spades inside and a 7 of Clubs outside. 8Ds include Paris Hilton, Dolly Parton, Fabio Lanzoni, Al Green, Sly Stone, Thomas Jefferson, Martha Quinn, Jim Jeffords, and Andrew Jackson.