Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26 2009

Moon at Home in Cancer was opposite Pluto overnight around dark-thirty making it good morning to pay attention to your dreams, as they may well have deeper meanings embedded within them. The rest of the day, Moon just hangs around home, and around midnight will be sextile Saturn and opposite Lilith Moon. Mars is sextile the Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune trio. There may be a dichotomy in the air today, could be experienced multiple ways within either or both memes: order/rules/authority and psychic/empathic/intuitive.

The Birthcard today is the Six of Clubs, a Neptune implementation of a Saturn core, with an Eight of Spades inside and a Two of Diamonds outside. Vincent Van Gogh, Yanni (!), Condoleezza Rice (!!), Tim Robbins, Jessica Alba, Ron Paul, Hunter S. Thompson, and John Glenn are various incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.