Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4 2009

Deep dreams last night? Or, possibly the meaning of them was deep? Moon in Virgo is pulling away from an overnight Saturn conjunct, which lit up the grand trine of Sun/Saturn/Lilith Moon. See last few posts on that. The Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune triple conjunct is still happening. Moon will be opposite Uranus, exact at 6:31 pm PDT, when she goes Moon Void of Course till the wee hours of the night. Possibility of emotional surprises tonight, but any upsets will also lack mojo, so can be regarded as the illusions they most often are. There may be a bit of an edge in the air today, driven just because; accompanied by a seemingly paradoxical neediness.

The Birthcard today is the 2 of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Mars core, with a 6 of Spades inside and a King of Clubs outside. 2Ss include Jeff Bezos, Howard Stern, Heather Mills, Melanie Chrisholm, Alex Comfort, Gary Numan, and Marilu Henner.