Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27 2009

Moon is busy in Cancer, square Venus exact at 10:03 am PDT, sextile Mercury exact at 1:38 pm PDT, trine Uranus exact at 6:24 pm PDT, and square Mars exact at 8:06 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till around midnight. Against a backdrop of intellectual curiosity bordering on restlessness, there will likely be a reasonable dose of harmony today, shifting to possible irritation around sunset and then losing mojo a bit later. If things feel odd and hard to describe in the evening, don't panic, it will pass after midnight.

The Birthcard of the day is the Five of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Saturn core, with a Five of Hearts inside and a Four of Clubs outside. Rene Descartes, Beverly D'Angelo, Ziggy Marley, Christopher Dodd, Arthur Miller, Evel Knievel, Kenny Rogers, and Al Gore are incarnational examples of the 5C.