Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3 2009

How were your dreams last night? Moon in Virgo was square Mercury and trine Pluto overnight; any irritations in the dreamworld may have had deeper meanings. This would be a good morning for deep, intense, meaningful connection. Superficiality won't do. This complements transits other than Moon from yesterday which are still with us. Moon will be trine Sun exact at 10:03 pm PDT, trine Lilith Moon right afterward, and conjunct Saturn, exact overnight. We will likely be feeling the grand trine more than just the usual lonely Moon/Saturn feeling. Any feelings of smallness will likely be felt in context of the vastness of the Universe. A good evening to look at Hubble Telescope pictures, listen to some Spacemusic. There may be a creative "all of the above" vibe in the air, possibly wanting to take it all in and having trouble deciding or narrowing down choices.

The Birthcard today is the 3 of Spades, a Saturn implementation of a Jupiter core, with a 6 of Diamonds inside and a Jack of Diamonds outside. 3Ss include a creative mix of characters: Alexander Hamilton, Arthur Hailey, Wilhelm Maybach, Alice Walker, Golda Meir, Jim Webb, Pete Seeger, Lee Ritenour, Naomi Judd, Bette Davis, James Brown, Reverend Ike, and Marilyn Monroe.