Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aug 22 2009

Moon starts off the day Void of Course, then enters Libra in search of balance at 8:12 am PDT. Really a repeat of yesterday, possibly with less restlessness and more solidity, which may or may not be a good thing. Stay flexible. The blahs should ease up a bit as the day wears on. Be good to yourself and others.

The Birthcard today is the Four of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core, with a Five of Clubs inside and a Six of Hearts outside. Examples of this Birthcard include Spike Jones, Claude Debussy, Pearl Buck, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pierre Trudeau, Amelia Earhart, Karl Gauss, Werner Von Braun, Sophia Loren, George C. Scott, Tori Amos, Ray Bradbury, Ian Flemming, John-David, Bella Abzug, Upton Sinclair, Thomas Moore, and rumor has it, Nostradamus.