Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug 28 2009

Moon in Sagittarius will be heavy and friendly today in mixed mode, sweeping sextile the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio in the afternoon and evening; and square Saturn and Uranus in the evening; finishing up at 10:26 pm PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till early tomorrow morning. Moon will continue to emphasize the grand or not so grand cross (see last few posts) tomorrow morning also. There may be an odd combo of the creative martyr as a flavor in the ethers today. Not wanting to be the bearer of Marvinesque news, but this combo (Pluto/Saturn/Uranus) will be with us for a while. Mars moves out of the orb by the second week in September, but the remainder are in place for most of September. Saturn joined by The Sun will be exact opposite Uranus Sept 15/16th. Mercury will retrograde back across Saturn and finally move out of orb in late October. The Saturn/Uranus opposition T-squared by Pluto will be in place till the autumn of 2010; as various heavenly bodies transit it (as is now) the flavor will shift, usually from intense to more intense. Fortunately, there will also usually be some harmonious support elsewhere in the chart (also as is now). But, for the next year or so, there is a heavy underpinning of Pluto/Saturn/Uranus. Change, uprising, repression, sudden shift, struggle, repression, progressive shifts, power struggles---it's tempting to say the usual stuff that makes up the headlines. Really, it is up to us to find and/or create the coherence, the Light, the upper path.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core, a source card with the same inside and outside, all JH all the time. Ivan Pavlov, Charles De Gaulle, Lisa Kudrow, Ahnold the Governator, Henry Ford, Olivia Newton John, David Sanborn, T.S. Elliot, Terry Gilliam, Uri Geller, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Gershwin, and rumor has it, Goethe, are various expressions of this Card.