Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug 31 2009 Moon Void of Course

Moon finishes up in Capricorn this morning trine Saturn and sextile Uranus exact at 11:09 am PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course for the rest of the day. Moon will enter Aquarius at 8:43 pm PDT. A decent chill day, as Moon is near the north node while Void of Course, but a chill day indeed. Potential for powerful emotions, either pleasurable or manipulative. The grand cross is still with us, but Moon is giving the Saturn/Uranus part a bit of harmony today, better for acceptance of changes, progressive ideas within the context of a rigid system.

Some long term better news beyond the next year or so of upheaval associated with the Pluto/Saturn/Uranus T-square: after that we are into a similar set of transits to the Renaissance with an added twist. Beyond minstrels with funny clothes and an excuse to be bawdy there is a truly rare opportunity for the group or social consciousness to take the proverbial quantum leap. Hopefully not off a cliff, but spiritual awakening to borrow a cliche; or an expansion of awareness of the obvious that was previously occulted or ignored, or just not on the radar. By 2013, Saturn will be passing away from square Pluto and opposite Uranus, leaving Pluto square Uranus and sextile Neptune along with a passing Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus grand trine---the Renaissance transits. Pluto sextile Neptune correlates with deep, spiritual awakenings, Pluto square Uranus correlates with deep shift, innovation. The twist is that this time Chiron is close to Neptune, actually leading the way sextile Pluto. This would imply that lessons from woundings, traumas have a chance to be actually learned, integrated and even transcended. By 2014, Saturn will be inconjunct Uranus, but sextile Pluto, and trine Chiron, implying the possibility of the old "powers that be" having nothing to grip on to, while the upheaval/change/shift that has been brewing will have footing/grounding. After that, more stuff happens of course. By 2016, with Pluto still sextile Neptune, Saturn will be square Neptune, with a passing Jupiter opposite Neptune and Square Saturn, which would imply more taboos being revealed for what they are; a possibility of group empowerment through direct spiritual experiences. If we can hold it together, not a festering crooked broken system in the form of business as usual; but that which is truly of value in a higher expression of being Human: life, love, community, family---coherence and connections with constructive creative expression---then we are in for a good time, messy as it may seem when going through the birthing process into the seemingly unknown.

Speaking of the Archetypal meme of upheaval: compare the US election in 2008 to Japan's recent election. Both had Saturn opposite Uranus; the US on the exact day, Japan with a little more help from Pluto. The party that was in power was there since the last Uranus/Pluto hard aspect, a conjunction.

The Birthcard of the day is the emotionally powerful Eight of Hearts, a Neptune implementation of a Jupiter core, with a Seven of Spades inside and a Seven of Hearts outside. Various examples of expression of this Birthcard are Theodore Roosevelt, Susan Lucci, Robert Bly, JFK Jr, Richard Gere, Christina Applegate, Joe DiMaggio, Madeline Kahn, Itzhak Perlman, Harry Shearer, and the one and only John Cleese.