Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 24 2009

Moon finishes up in Libra this morning square Venus exact at 7:54 am PDT, square Vesta exact at 9:22 am PDT, then trine Mars exact at 11:10 am PDT when she goes briefly Moon Void of Course till 12: 16 pm PDT. Then, Moon enters Scorpio and a mini-grand trine with Pluto and The Sun; sextile Pluto exact at 1:36 pm PDT and sextile The Sun exact at 3:41 pm PDT. Likely a good morning for boy/girl stuff (or other permutations). After a brief lull, a good afternoon for deeper meanings, discussions, explorations; especially constructive in some form of partnership. Not a fully flowing day, a bit shy on the full feeling of "everything ok and in place", as Moon is square the north/south node axis. The "grand" cross of Mars/Pluto square Mercury/Saturn/Uranus is still with us, but does not get center stage today.

The Birthcard today is the Two of Clubs, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core, with an Ace of Spades inside and a King of Hearts outside. Aldous Huxley, Arthur C. Clarke, Mel Brooks, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Gilda Radner, Ashley Montagu, Tom Petty, Sandra Bullock, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Alan Sheppard, Bela Lugosi, Margaret Mead, Stanley Kubrick, Wynonna Judd, Benny Goodman, Jane Austen, Mick Jagger, and Segolene Royal all share this Birthcard.