Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 19 2009

Moon in Scorpio will begin a sweep square of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio this afternoon through the middle of the night. Feel like writing, journaling today? As Mercury is away from Saturn and thus the Pluto T-square (till the next aspect in about a week) and Venus is pulling away from Saturn, it is likely that some boy/girl (or other permutations) worries may be settling down a bit, if not now, in the next few days. With Juno still conjunct Uranus and part of the Pluto T-square, long term relationships may be another story. Conversations along the themes of decisions, uncertainty; choice, faith are likely today---but with more resolution than the last week, as The Sun is pulling away from inconjunct/quincunx the Uranus/Juno conjunction. Additionally, Mars is finally pullling away from the south node; maybe a bit less wheel spinning in the near future.

The Birthcard today is the Three of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core, with a Five of Diamonds inside and a King of Diamonds outside. Recognizable names of incarnations expressing through this Birthcard include Freeman Dyson, J. Paul Getty, Auguste Lumiere, Helen Keller, Rock Hudson, Bob Hope, John Adams, Howard Dean, JFK, Martin Scorsese, Gustav Holst, H. G. Wells, Bill Murray, and rumor has it, Nero.