Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct 8 2009

One of these days, the prognosis will not be one of mixed messages. This is not one of those days. On the downside, Venus/Saturn/Mercury are opposite Uranus/Juno and inconjunct the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio. On the upside, the north/south node axis is trine/sextile the Venus/Saturn/Mercury opposite Uranus/Juno axis. On the downside, Vesta is opposite the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio. On the upside, Mars is sextile Saturn/Mercury, and trine Uranus/Juno. What this all means is there is a lot going on, intensely. Just like life, only more so than usual.

Really though, today will likely be more pleasant than such intensities and complexities might indicate, as Moon in Gemini will be forming a grand Kite with Sun, Jupiter, and Vesta. A grand trine with Moon, Sun, and Jupiter is one of the best patterns one could enjoy; and with the addition of Vesta at the apex of the kite (sextile Moon and The Sun), things may feel very good. There may be a tendency to think that this good feeling is all about you, or there just for you; it is for and about everyone and everything.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Neptune core, with a 2 of Diamonds inside and an Ace of Hearts outside. ADs include Marcel Marceau, George Soros, Angela Davis, Ray Conniff, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Paul Hogan, Lionel Hampton, Cecil B. DeMille, Sigourney Weaver, Paul Newman, Ellen DeGeneres, Arnold Palmer, Steve Jobs, Maria Shriver, John Phillip Sousa, William Shatner, Ingmar Bergman, Bertrand Russell, Eddie Rickenbacker, Karl Malden, Chevy Chase, Dennis Kucinich, Francisco Franco, Juan Peron, Gerald R. Ford, and rumor has it, Marcus Antonius.