Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 25 2009 Moon First Quarter

Moon finishes up in Capricorn this morning trine Saturn and goes briefly Void of Course from 11:15 am PDT till 12:08 pm PDT when she "enters" Aquarius. Moon will be square Sun exact at 5:42 pm PDT and opposite Mars exact at 9:30 pm PDT. The Sun is still in the orb of sextile Pluto; likely a good morning for getting things done in the search for depth and meaning. Afternoon and evening may have a bit of an edge to them.

Today's Birthcard is the Ten of Hearts, a Jupiter implementation of a Mars core, with a Jack of Clubs inside and a Five of Spades outside. Jane Fonda, Frank Zappa, Harpo Marx, Pablo Picasso, Wesley Snipes, Dinah Washington, J. K. Rowling, Charlie Parker, Ingrid Bergman, Michael Jackson, and Phil Donahue are various examples of expression of this Card.