Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oct 21 2009

Moon in Sagittarius starts off the day sextile Venus exact at 5:11 am PDT, and begins a sweep sextile the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio in the middle of the night. Vesta, in the middle of a slow sweep opposite the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio, is opposite Chiron. Home and childhood issues may have a particular intensity. Vesta is also inconjunct or quincunx Uranus/Juno, possible uncertainty or surprises in relation to the home or tradition about relationships. Or uncertainty about what is uncertain. See prior post about Sun square Mars. Of course, the Pluto T-square is still with us. But this morning will likely be a pleasant reprive, beauty and warm fuzzies for all.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Venus core, paired with the Two of Hearts. It is one of two pairs of Cards that trade places back and forth within each pair. Various incarnational expressions of this Card are Arthur Fiedler, Kenny Werner, Calvin Klein, Alfred Nobel, Jodie Foster, James Garfield, Sean Connery, Slim Pickens, Jack Welch, John Coltrane, Claudia Schiffer, Indira Gandhi, Ray Charles, Dick Cavett, Meg Ryan, and rumor has it Augustus Caesar. Ironically, the character played by Jodie Foster in the Movie "Contact", Ellie Harroway, had this same Birthcard (a different Birthday, but the same Birthcard). The Archetypes have their ways, it seems.