Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct 7 2009

Moon finished up the sweep square of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio in the middle of the night, any strange dreams relating to childhood? Mercury is passing exact conjunct Saturn today, pointing towards sharp intellect, but isolation, poor communication. Fortunately for the first part of the day at least, Moon finishing up in Taurus is providing a nice mini grand trine, midpoint between the Uranus/Juno and Mars trine. Moon is also trine Saturn/Mercury, exact at 10:19 am PDT. And, Moon is trine/sextile the north/south node axis, so there is a chance of footing, feeling in place. Even the Moon Void of Course from 10:19 am PDT till 2:46 pm PDT will probably not have quite the low mojo blahs as usual. However (don't you love that word) Moon will be inconjunct Pluto this afternoon, potentially upsetting, or at least pulling the carpet out from the the earlier footing. Regardless --- in contrast to the feeling of isolation, or perhaps compensating for it, today partnerships, relations, cohorts may be at center stage.

The Birthcard for today is the 2 of Diamonds, a Mars expression of a Saturn core with a 6 of Clubs inside and an Ace of Diamonds outside. 2Ds include Vandana Shiva, Corazon Aquino, Viktor Yushchenko, Jose Silva, Benjamin Disraeli, Anna Freud, Modest Mussorgsky, Rosie O'Donnell, Art Garfunkel, Harrison Ford, Peter Fonda, Jayne Mansfield, Mike Douglas, Dudley Moore, Taj Mahal, Johannes Gutenberg, Jean Fourier, Leo Tolstoy, Neils Bohr, Ole Evinrude, Trent Reznor, Andy Williams, and Howard Jones.