Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 27 2009

Moon in Aquarius will continue to sweep conjunct the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune, conjunct Chiron exact at 7:10 am PDT and exact Neptune exact at 12:11 pm PDT. Emotional focus on grandiouse ideals, healing our childhoods likely, but as Moon will also be inconjunct the south node, unfortunately many a great idea may not stick as expected or hoped. That's life. Venus is beginning a sweep trine of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio over the next week or so. This is likely to offset some of the Pluto T-square which is still with us.

Note from the blogger: I should point out that my perspective may differ from the "norm" whatever that is, but I believe that any deterministic Archetypal Language, Astrology, Birthcards, Numerology, yada yada, does not describe the soul, rather they are peeks at the overlay that the soul expresses through. Thou art NOT that. The analogy is an old fashioned overhead projector. The lecturer places transparencies on, or writes with felt pen on the surface... and look at all the pretty images and text, information. We are not the structures, or the patterns, or the text, we are the light that shines through them.

Also, possibly another blasphemy: I believe that the reason Astrology and other Archetypal Languages work is because the majority of us (myself included) are still asleep to varying degrees. As we wake up, peel away each layer aha by aha, we start to see the scripts of the show...and some of us continue to delve deeper, ask questions, explore.

The Birthcard of the day is the emotionally powerful Eight of Hearts, a Neptune implementation of a Jupiter core, with a Seven of Spades inside and a Seven of Hearts outside. Various examples of expression of this Birthcard are Theodore Roosevelt, Susan Lucci, Robert Bly, JFK Jr, Richard Gere, Christina Applegate, Joe DiMaggio, Madeline Kahn, Itzhak Perlman, Harry Shearer, and the one and only John Cleese.