Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 10 2008 Grand Trine

How were your dreams last night? Moon in Taurus was square Chiron overnight, and sextile Uranus right before dawn, so this might be a good morning to process those restless Dreams, they may provide insight into one's woundings that become gifts. As Moon is square Neptune exact at 10:38 am PST, the dreamy state may extend well beyond dawn into the waking hours. Moon is also trine both Jupiter and Saturn who are trine each other for a grand trine till around 2 pm PST, so a feeling of balance will likely be available. From 2:23 pm PST till 11:33 pm PST Moon will be Void of Course, so it would be best to let a perceived lack of mojo for the afternoon and evening just will pass.

Today's Birthcard is the powerful Eight of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Neptune core, one of the three source cards that is the same inside as outside, WYSIWYG. Thomas Dolby, Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Gary Wright, and Meryl Streep are various incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.