Friday, December 5, 2008

Dec 5 2008 First Quarter Waxing Moon

Could be intense today, Sun is conjunct Mars, exact at 2 pm PST, and the Moon in Pisces sweeps square both of them a hair earlier, at 1:30 pm PST. Later in the afternoon, Moon will be into the orb of conjunct Uranus, exact by 10 pm PST. In the middle of the night, Moon will be opposite Saturn. In general, stay away from sharp objects, and be careful with heavy machinery today. There will be energy to start and do things, plenty of go-juice, but be careful to keep it focused so that entropic whoopses don't cause harm. Challenges and irritations may want attention if you let them. Past dusk, there may be a feeling of loneliness with a desire for something new, unusual, or exotic---be aware of potential upsets or surprises. Play safe, or better yet, wait it out, go howl at the half-Moon. It will pass by tomorrow.

The Birthcard today is the King of Clubs, a double Uranus with a Two of Spades inside and an Eight of Spades outside. Those who share this Birthcard include Little Richard, Marie Curie, Arianna Huffington, Joni Mitchell, and Gary Stadler.