Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec 8 2008

Another Kaleidoscope day of shifting flavors: Moon in Aries is sextile Neptune, exact at 9:06 am PST; then square Jupiter a bit after noon; then trine Mercury at 1:35 pm PST; then Void of course from a hair after 1:35 pm PST till 10:52pm PST when she "enters" Taurus. And just to round out the day, Moon will be trine Pluto, exact at 11:35 pm PST. Likely to be sensitive earlier in the day, good time to be close to those with whom you can relate. A general feeling of goodwill will also be there, with a possibility of being too overbearing with good intentions. By noon, the words may flow to those with whom you can relate, then during Moon Void of Course the usual advice is to chill. For the afternoon and evening, just let inertia take it's course if possible. Dreams are likely to pick back up the pace, with a theme of depth being likely, or something having deeper meaning if one pays attention to the subtle and not so subtle hints emerging into one's dreamworld.

The Birthcard today is the Ten of Clubs, a Crown expression of a Mars core, with a Jack of Spades inside and a Four of Spades outside. Kim Basinger, Angela Bassett, Hunter S. Thompson, John Glenn, and Bernie Taupin are varied expressions sharing this Birthcard.