Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec 14 2008

If you remember any out of the ordinary, exotic dreams, that was Moon trine Uranus in the middle of the night, finding an playground directly in your sleeping psyche. She will be sextile Saturn exact at 8:40 am PST; later in the day she will be opposite Jupiter, exact at 2:27 pm PST, after which she goes into Moon Void of Course till 10:22 pm PST when she emerges in Leo. There may be a theme today of more solitude, independence, less social or groupthink---in the morning we may feel a need to regroup our feelings, not in a lonely way, but in a way that the good side of solitude can bring. By noon, the mood is likely to be a good one, with a flavor of harmoniously asserting our independence. We do need each other as mirrors and reference points, and this is a good time to cherish the diversity of connections that enriches. Later in the afternoon and through the evening, just chill while Moon is VOC.

The Birthcard today is the Four of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core, with a Five of Clubs inside and a Six of Hearts outside. Spike Jones, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sophia Loren, Tori Amos, and John-David all share this Birthcard.