Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec 2 2008

Till afternoon, there is inertia of yesterday's transits, Venus is Pulling away from conjunct Jupiter. What we are likely to feel is Sun conjunct Mars---almost conjunct, and mellowed by a sextile with the Moon in Aquarius, exact with the Sun at 9:45 pm PST and exact with Mars at 11:22 pm PST. Sun/Mars by itself would have an edge to the go-juice, but the sextile of the Moon will make this a bit more conducive to harmonious go-juice.

The Birthcard of the day is Three of Diamonds, a Mercury expression of a Uranus core, with a Six of Hearts inside, and a Queen of Diamonds outside. Harry Reid, Paul Watson, David Brin, Thor Heyerdahl, and Peter Sellers are incarnational examples of this Card.