Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec 15 2008

We will be feeling the Mars/Sun T-square of the Saturn/Uranus---although Sun is pulling away from exact conjunct Mars, and Saturn is past exact opposite Uranus, Mars is exact square Saturn today at 2:47 pm PST. Possible issues with fear and authority, safety versus carelessness. Our friend the Moon in Leo will be opposite Venus today, exact at 1:21 pm PST. Venus is close to the north node, and Moon is close to the south node, so a general feeling of good vibes may be tempered with a slight inability to relate them elsewhere, ie share them. This, along with the above mentioned Mars/Saturn highlight may be a wash, but if you proceed with caution rather than recklessness, you may find it to be a friendly universe after all today.

The Birthcard today is the Three of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core, with a Five of Diamonds inside and a King of Diamonds outside. Recognizable names of incarnations expressing through this Birthcard include Freeman Dyson, J. Paul Getty, Howard Dean, Martin Scorsese, and Bill Murray.