Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 13 2008

Hopefully you are still here after yesterday. Any dreams remembered? They might be theraputic, as Moon was opposite the Pluto/Mercury conjunction in the middle of the night. Unless you were up in the middle of the night engaging in some other form of therapy. Today, the Moon at home in Cancer is taking a breather, but all the other transits mentioned a couple posts ago are still there. Later in the day, Moon will be opposite Juno, exact by 9 pm PST, and entering the orb of trine Uranus, exact in the wee hours. Dreams likely more exotic, less theraputic. Likely a bit of a domestic flavor added by Moon opposite Juno, as Juno is in some ways the higher octave of Venus.

The Birthcard of the day is the Five of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Saturn core, with a Five of Hearts inside and a Four of Clubs outside. Beverly D'Angelo, Ziggy Marley, Arthur Miller, Evel Knievel, Kenny Rogers, and Al Gore are incarnational examples of this restless and inquisitive Birthcard. Think how much better the world would be now...every fork in the road has a better choice. It's up to us to recognise and take that choice.