Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15 2009

Yes Virgo, within Astrology there are various schools of thought. Moon Void of Course is traditionally the time between constellations where the Moon is not exactly transiting anything. Anything used to be the 7 traditional visible planets, but as we rediscovered more and more heavenly bodies there may be something like 70 of them, some subtler than others, but there they are nonetheless. This would be an example of why this blog is called the astral fog---as it appears that many collective influences are forms in and of themselves, collectively self fulfilling as it were, and as we expand our awareness, what appeared as very real may well become transcended and essentially irrelevant within a larger context. The metaphor of ruts in a trail comes to mind: as more and more travel the trail, it re-enforces the initial form to become widely accepted. Rupert Sheldrake referred to "ruttles" as the morphogenetic forms becoming tangible through repetition. It is possible that one reason that astrology drives reason nuts and actually works is something akin to that: the astral forms become real to us over many cycles. With that...

After an exact trine with the Sun, Moon will officially be Void of Course from 6:37 am till 2:30 pm PST, when Moon enters Libra. However, Moon will be trine Juno, exact at 10:19 am PST. Juno is one of the asteriod Goddesses, considered the higher octave of Venus. How was/is your morning? Lacking mojo, or ease of relating, or a bit of each? Later on Moon will be square Pluto, exact at 5:43 pm PST, and trine Jupiter, exact at 6:55 pm PST. In the middle of the night, Moon will be trine Mercury.

Coupled with Mercury Retrograde, today is a really, really good day to review deeply and connectedly with thoughts in harmony with feelings and the ability to articulate and communicate both.

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Mercury core, with a 3 of Diamonds inside and a 9 of Diamonds outside. Captain Beefheart, Lloyd Bridges, Jerry Zucker, Aristotle Onassis share this Birthcard, along with Edward Teller, Antonin Scalia, and Rupert Murdoch.