Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Jan 11, 2008 Mercury Retro

Mercury retrograde this morning at 8:44 am PST. This will last through the end of January. Good time to review situations, projects, ideas, and to research/gather information. The waning Moon will contribute to these inward processes. When Mercury turns direct in February you will be more prepared to move forward if you have taken this time for reflection. Relationships may feel tested or testy during this retrograde - communication can be experienced as blocked or full of misunderstandings. Give extra room for these challenges. Work on yourself as much as possible rather than trying to fix others.
Today Moon is opposite Jupiter before noon and opposite Mercury at 10:03 pm PST. Moon/Jupiter - drawn to be generous towards others, however you will feel this needs to be on your own terms. Moon/Mercury - feelings and logic may be at odds or at best Mercury may give you a way to articulate your feelings (Moon). 
Venus is moving into sextile with Mars - need for physical expression of love and beauty are added to the mix of relating as well as Juno conjunct Jupiter which brings in desire and hope for long term commitments. 

Today's card is a Three of Spades. It has a Spirit card of Six of Diamonds and a Soul card of the Jack of Diamonds. Creativity, decision making, and responsibility in what is of value are aspects of this card. Singer Naomi Judd and political philosopher Alexander Hamilton share this card. A wide spectrum of expression.